In just six minutes, get a 98% accurate measurement of your lean mass, fat mass, and bone mass with the gold standard of body composition analysis.  

What You Learn:

  • How much muscle, fat, and bone you have in each region of your body
  • Where you’re losing fat and building muscle
  • How much visceral fat you carry and correlated health risks
    • Diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone, and more
  • Your bone density and osteoporosis risk
  • If you have muscle imbalances that can lead to injury




CardioCoach Fitness Test

Discover your cardio fitness health and biological age in less than 15 minutes. Get clinical-grade data and feedback that helps you to customize and optimize workouts to your goals.

What You Learn:

  • When your body burns fat and sugar during exercise
  • How well your cardio fitness level compares to optimal
  • Your VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Base, and Heart Rate Zones
  • Fat burning zone analysis
  • Your biological and fitness age



Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis


The RMR test is a 10-minute clinical­-grade analysis of your metabolic health. Learn how to use your data to design customized weight­-loss or muscle-­building plans.

What You Learn:

  • If you’re a fat burner or sugar burner
  • Metabolic health risks
  • How many calories you burn at rest
  • If your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast
  • Daily caloric intake



Fit3D ProScanner

(Coming Soon to Chicago and Atlanta; Available now at DexaFit Bay Area)

Capture a full 360 model of your body and learn vital measurements for tracking progress. 

What You Learn:

  • Hundreds of circumference, height, volume, and length measurements
  • How your fitness and nutrition plan is working for or against you
  • If your posture is getting more balanced or not
  • Clear visuals of where your body is changing shape
  • How to integrate your Fit3D data with other metrics on a personalized web platform