About DexaFit Madison, MS

DexaFit Madison, MS is Mississippi's leading provider of advanced medical-grade health and fitness testing. We perform body composition, fitness, and metabolic testing using gold standard technology.

Whatever your reason for visiting – whether it's losing 24 pounds and a two inches from your waist, trimming 12 minutes off your triathlon time, or building more muscle to look and feel amazing – welcome!


Meet Rex

As owner and operator of DexaFit Madison, Ms, Dr. Rex Williams oversees all testing and support for clients, focusing on growth, innovation and serving clients.

Even before earning his BA in Biology and MD from the University of Mississippi, Rex saw the health and fitness industry playing a very important role in managing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and pain, as well as many other disease states.

He opened DexaFit Madison to help people find answers that help them achieve better health in an efficient manner.

"Throughout my career in medicine, I have become very displeased that people think there is a pill for everything. There is a better way to cure than medicines and that way is through fitness. DexaFit provides the technology and answers to accelerate someone toward being healthy."

Now that he's achieved his first life's goal of becoming a physician, he now wants to raise his children to know to live a healthy lifestyle, have good moral character and become productive members of society.

FAQs for Rex before your visit

What's included in the premium reports?

All Premium Plans come with upgraded premium DXA reports, which include your visceral fat and bone mass analysis. 

How do I prepare for my tests?

You can read the Pre-Test Protocols Here >

What's your current routine to stay in shape and feel good?

Resistance training 2-3 times per week with HIIT training at the end of my work out. I use DexaFit testing to personalize my training and nutrition plans every cycle.

How do you use DexaFit to help optimize your plan and motivate you?

DexaFit allows me to keep track of my progress to maintain or improve upon my current levels as I get older and my lifestyle changes. 

What are your thoughts on Pluto?

It's a shame what those scientists did to Pluto...Pluto, if you're reading, I still think you're a planet.

What if I want to cancel my plan?

No problem! You may cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan anytime. If you cancel, you will only owe the regular price balance of the tests you used.

How long is each appointment?

One test is a 30-minute appointment. If you schedule all three for one visit (DXA + RMR + VO2), it will be take an hour to perform all of your tests and review your results. 

How often should I visit for my re-tests?

If you're a fan of the Goldilock's Principle2-4 months is your target. It's the 'sweet spot' to discover how effective a plan is working.

How do I pay?

You can pay monthly or annually if you sign up for a premium membership. Or pay-as-you-go.

Can I use my HSA/FSA card to pay for this?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! 

Ready to get started?