Additional Services


Blood Panel Testing

Science-based blood analytics tailored to you! Learn your health risks and optimize performance!

Nutritional Counseling

Learn from our experienced network of professionals on the cutting edge of nutrition!

Trainer Connect

It's AirBNB meets fitness. Tell us your goals and our platform matches you with a trainer right for you!

Crowd Fitness

Leverage the power of the crowd and learn what works from our nationwide network of 'biohackers'!

Fit3D Body Scan

360 degree image of your body for tracking vital health metrics and getting precise before/after visuals of progress!

Cloud Fitness

Track and visualize progress on any device with our simple and secure platform!

Genetic Fitness Testing


Optimize your training by interpreting your DNA blue print to lose fat, build muscle, and feel better!

KetoBreath Check


Measure your body's level of ketones and trust you're in ketosis. A state of maximum fat-burning!