Discover the tiny clues that uncover huge insights about your body, metabolism, and fitness

Our technology and testing is like hiring Sherlock Holmes to understand the meaning of your biometric data. Start connecting the dots in your personal fitness story


Body Composition, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Analysis Services

DXA Body Comp Analysis

You'll discover...

Where you’re specifically losing body fat and building muscle

+ How much visceral fat you carry and correlated health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone, and more

+ Your bone health and osteoporosis risk

+ Muscle imbalances and injury risks


VO2 Cardio Fitness Test

You'll discover...

+ When your body burns fat and sugar during exercise

+ How your mitochondrial health & cardio fitness level compares to optimal

+ Your VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Base, Lactate Threshold, and Fat Burning and Heart Rate Zones

+ How to customize workouts to your goals, improve recovery, and reduce fatigue

DexaFit RMR Analysis

You'll discover...

+ If you’re a fat burner or sugar burner

+ Metabolic health risks

+ How many calories you burn at rest

+ If your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast

+ Daily caloric intake


What else can you get?


Fit3D Body Scan

Track vital health metrics & get precise before/after visuals of your progress. 360 degree image of you!

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Heart Rate Variability

Get 24-hr tracking of stress, recovery, sleep quality, and health. One of the best ways to track your health.


Blood Panel Testing

Science-based blood analytics tailored to you! Learn your health risks and optimize performance!

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Food Intolerance

Test your food intolerances with accuracy and precision. Know what to avoid to feel great!

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Microbiome Analysis

Explore your gut health. Understand how it influences your mood, behavior, and immunity

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Trainer Connect

It's AirBNB meets fitness. Tell us your goals and we match you with the right trainer for your body

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DNA Fitness Testing

Check 40+ genes related to fitness, health, & nutrition. See how to optimize your plan

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Crowd Fitness

Leverage the power of the crowd and learn what works from our nationwide network of 'biohackers'

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