Brand and Marketing Guru

About you:

  • Creative and able to generate fun and engaging content for distribution across multiple digital channels
  • Basic graphic design skills
  • Analyze performance of brand management strategies

About this position:

You’ll work closely with a small team to manage: Sales, Brand Management, Digital Management, and Creative Execution.

You will serve as both author and editor, creating content and guiding the brand activities of Graphic Design, Social Media Management, E-Commerce Strategies and Marketing Coordinator.

You will be in charge of articulating the "what" and "why" of our product offerings.

You will use every tool at your disposal to communicate what Seth Godin described as, "the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another"

You will inspire feelings, reactions, understanding and loyalty to the DexaFit brand through social media and customer outreach.

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Additional Information

Primary responsibilities:

  • Help develop and drive the go-to-market strategy for each DexaFit offering and manage all social platforms.
  • Generate and curate content of all forms to communicate the product and brand story – product pages, blog posts, articles, ads, press releases, social media posts, video content, product packaging, displays and more.
  • Develop and manage the brand voice, message, look, feel and personality across every available communication platform, ensuring consistency across all consumer touch points.
  • Collaborate with the Product Management and Creative teams to execute the brand strategy.
  • Evaluate and report the impact and effectiveness of brand strategies and adjust and re-calibrate activities.
  • Travel to local events in support of the brand

Required Qualifications: Entry Level

Experience in writing engaging, convincing, accurate, well-researched and grammatically correct copy and video scripts. Seriously, don’t apply unless you genuinely love writing and communicating and are able to do it well.

At a minimum, you have personal or work experience in digital marketing, social media and PR.

Strong creativity and ability to generate fun, humorous, and engaging content.

An understanding of how to promote a brand with a technical component. Or at least an educational or personal background that demonstrates an ability to master how pretty quickly. 

Personal Qualities:

  • The ability to be persuasive, form relationships, tailor your message and deliver it to a variety of audiences.
  • The capability to give honest and reasonable feedback as well as receive constructive critical input in a non-emotional manner.
  • Genuine creativity, with an ability to see opportunities that may not be immediately evident.
  • The capacity to work in a dynamic, casual atmosphere where you will need to both work independently and seek out input from busy collaborators.
  • Desire to create order and clarity out of chaos through the development of standard processes, workflows and systems.

DexaFit's work environment is informal and high-energy, and our employees' quality of life is important to us.

This position is open now and will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified.  Please submit the form linked below along with the samples required upon completion

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