+ Increase member engagement and motivation by hosting fitness challenges

+ Innovative fitness assessment technology drives non-members into your facility for complete fitness testing

+ Create custom testing packages for people who don’t have access to our technology and testing anywhere else

+ Offer detailed visualizations of fitness progress over time to evoke an emotional response and inspire action

Inspire Better Habits. Create More Engagement.


+ Attract new clients and close more sales by introducing prospects to the cutting edge technology and tools we offer

+ Engage your entire local community with innovative and differentiating technology

+ Improve engagement, motivation, and attendance with beautiful visualizations of progress, even if the scale does not show it

No More Cold Leads. Increase Sales

+ Provide incredibly unique, personalized diet and fitness services that don't stop with a baseline measurement

+ Clearly define expectations and goals. Erase any doubt that your services aren’t worth what you charge

+ Get access to data that allows you to approach each client strategically and maximize planning & efficiency

Enable Fitness Personalization