What else can you get?


Fit3D Body Scan

Track vital health metrics & get precise before/after visuals of your progress. 360 degree image of you!

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Heart Rate Variability

Get 24-hr tracking of stress, recovery, sleep quality, and health. One of the best ways to track your health.


Blood Panel Testing

Science-based blood analytics tailored to you! Learn your health risks and optimize performance!

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Food Intolerance

Test your food intolerances with accuracy and precision. Know what to avoid to feel great!

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Microbiome Analysis

Explore your gut health. Understand how it influences your mood, behavior, and immunity

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Trainer Connect

It's AirBNB meets fitness. Tell us your goals and we match you with the right trainer for your body

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DNA Fitness Testing

Check 40+ genes related to fitness, health, & nutrition. See how to optimize your plan

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Crowd Fitness

Leverage the power of the crowd and learn what works from our nationwide network of 'biohackers'

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