Here’s the most common route people take with DexaFit


1.) First, they want to KNOW (not guess) their baseline BODY COMPOSITION, how they compare to optimal, and what tactics they can try to transform it.

That’s what the DexaFit DEXA scan and Fit3D scan provides. A complete breakdown of your lean mass, fat mass, and bone mass (and visceral fat too). 

2.) They've learned their body composition health (one of the top metrics correlated to health and well-being), and now they want to discover their CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS and MITOCHONDRIAL HEALTH.

That's what DexaFit VO2 Max test shows you. Your VO2 Max, anaerobic threshold, heart rate zones, and overall fitness level (it’s also one of the best predictors of early death and mitochondrial efficiency).

3.) They want to get a deeper understanding of their METABOLISM, how many calories they burn in a day, and if they’re fat-burners or sugar-burners.

This is what DexaFit RMR analysis shows you.

4.) They've become biohacker ninjas and want to take a crack at OPTIMIZING ESSENTIAL BIOMARKERS like testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, cholesterol, and more.

This is why we partnered with InsideTracker, EverlyWell and WellnessFX to offer biomarker panels. .

5.) They’re interested in seeing how their GUT HEALTH and DNA influence their health, fitness, and performance.

This is what the uBiome SmartGut and FitnessGenes DNA kits show you. 


6.) They want to know what they SHOULDN’T eat because they have an allergy or intolerance to certain foods. This is what the PinnerTest Food Intolerance Kit provides you. A detailed breakdown of foods you should AVOID. 



7.) They want to ask questions, GET ADVICE, and run their plans by us personally. This is what you get to do after every visit during your personal consultation and report review.

You can also email us follow up questions for answers and feedback.