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+ Increase member engagement and motivation by hosting fitness challenges

+ Innovative fitness assessment technology drives non-members into your facility for complete fitness testing

+ Create custom testing packages for people who don’t have access to our technology and testing anywhere else

Inspire Better Habits. Create More Engagement.

+ Offer detailed visualizations of fitness progress over time to evoke an emotional response and inspire action

+ Attract new clients and close more sales by introducing prospects to the cutting edge technology and tools we offer

+ Engage your entire local community with innovative and differentiating technology

No More Cold Leads. Increase Sales

+ Provide objective progress that is consistent over time, regardless of water consumption, time of day, and other variables

+ Reinforce clients' belief in your programs. Show how working with you translates into how their body looks and feels

+ Improve engagement, motivation, and attendance with beautiful visualizations of progress, even if the scale does not show it

No More No Shows. Improve Retention



+ Provide incredibly unique, personalized diet and fitness services that don't stop with a baseline measurement

+ Clearly define expectations and goals. Erase any doubt that your services aren’t worth what you charge

+ Get access to data that allows you to approach each client strategically and maximize planning & efficiency

Enable Fitness Personalization




We simplify performance tracking, analysis, and visualizations of fitness progress that inspires and motivates your employees to achieve better health & fitness.

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Fitness Challenge & Group Competition Tracking

Increase engagement and motivation by hosting fitness competitions and group challenges

Planning and Reporting Tools

Visualize your key health and fitness metrics in a beautiful & easy-to-understand report.

Full Website Integration and Customization

Embed leaderboards to display results from Fitness Challenges and Competitions.


Enter DexaFit: With just X, you can inspire better health and fitness habits for your employee & create a healthier workforce

Since 2011, we've used clinical-grade technologies and testing to measure and track thousands of clients health and fitness data across the country. Our system is the most industry-recognized, career-changing, fitness & wellness testing system anywhere.



Offer fitness testing and technology trusted as the gold standard and most accurate

Don't fall behind. Discover today what will be considered 'best practice' tomorrow 

Improve client feedback loops, retention, and provide fitness personalization