Dexafit Jobs: Business Development Specialist

About you:

  • Identify, negotiate, and oversee partnerships that increase the awareness of DexaFit, generate revenue, as well as strengthen our product offering through integrations
  • Establish the vision and goals for partnerships at DexaFit, and execute on the plan for growth
  • Scale the partnerships function at DexaFit

About this position:

You’ll work closely with DexaFit's executives and Operations Manager.

As a Biz Dev Guru, you will identify, assess, and prioritize new business opportunities; evaluate and recommend partnerships; work with us to develop and manage integrations; and oversee the long­-term success of partnerships at DexaFit.

Partnerships may include anything and everything between gym partners, physician groups, sports teams, celebrity personalities, social media influences, technology companies, and corporate wellness. 

You will be in charge of articulating the "what" and "why" of our product offerings to potential partners and customers.

You are highly self-­motivated and able to work with significant autonomy and build a team that can scale.

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Additional Information

Personal Qualities:

  • The ability to be persuasive, form relationships, tailor your message and deliver it to a variety of audiences.
  • The capability to give honest and reasonable feedback as well as receive constructive critical input in a non-emotional manner.
  • The capacity to work in a dynamic, casual atmosphere where you will need to both work independently and seek out input from busy collaborators.
  • Desire to create order and clarity out of chaos through the development of standard processes, workflows and systems.

This position is open now and will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified. 

If you want to improve your chances, please include answers to these questions when you submit the form link below:

  • Tell us about a time you made a decision regarding whether or not to pursue a business opportunity, such as an acquisition, partnership, expansion into a new market. What decision did you make and how did you make it?
  • If you were hired for this role, which partnership would you pursue first and why?
  • Tell us about an accomplishment in your life, personal or professional, of which you are particularly proud.

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