What if I just want one test right now?

No problem! Schedule any of our tests and services as individual options and 'pay-as-you-go'

+ Where you’re losing fat and building muscle + Visceral fat and correlated health risks + Bone health and osteoporosis risk + Muscle imbalances and injury risks Learn More > 
+ When your body burns fat and sugar during exercise + How well your cardio fitness level compares to optimal + VO2 Max, AT, Aerobic Base, and Heart Rate Zones + Customize workouts to burn more fat with less fatigue Learn More > 
+ Precise number of calories your body burns at rest (RMR) + If you’re a ‘fat burner’ or ‘sugar burner’ + How to maximize fat loss while still building muscle + If your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast Learn More > 

Which premium plan is right for me?

Starter >

For casual fitness tracking & feedback. Extra support & confidence your plan works. 

Pro > 

For competitors, 'biohackers,' & fitness-driven. 'Fine-tune' & optimize your plan with more data!

How does DexaFit work with large groups and business?

We offer a wide variety of services for large groups, clubs, gyms, and businesses, including competition trackinggroup leaderboards, and key metric analytics for wellness programs.

Gyms, Groups, & Wellness Professionals

Corporate Wellness and Business Partners

Physicians, Clinics, and Research