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Here's how to prepare for your upcoming visit

DXA Body Composition Scan

  1. Limit activity before your scan (no exercise please!) 
  2. Do NOT come in dehydrated
  3. You do NOT need to fast for a DXA scan
  4. Please wear workout clothes without any metal
  5. You will be asked to empty your pockets and remove any significant amounts of metal (watch, belt, glasses, jewelry, etc.)
  6. Small buttons or zippers that cannot be removed from clothing are fine
  7.  Please wear socks!
  8. Do not have any gastrointestinal contrast, barium or other contrast medium, or radionuclides within 48 hours of your appointment. 

VO2 Cardio  Fitness Test

  1. You must fast a minimum of four hours before your test (only drink water)
  2. Limit your activity before your visit (no exercise!)
  3. Refrain from taking any caffeine or stimulants the day of your test
  4. Wear (or bring) workout clothes and athletic shoes
  5. This test is done on a treadmill or bike (10-15 minutes at the most)

Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis

  1. You must FAST for a minimum of five hours (only drink water)
  2. Limit your activity beforehand (no exercise)
  3. Refrain from taking any caffeine or stimulants the day of your test
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. If you're scheduled for a VO2 test, you will need workout shoes and clothes
  5. Workout, casual, or even business clothes are all acceptable, as you will just be relaxing in a chair  

Save Time During Your Visit

Please submit your pre-test or follow-up journal now to save time during your visit. It will also help us personalize your experience and consultation.

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