DexaFit Lace Up Special


Building champions with the gold standard of biometric performance testing.

  • The industry leader in PRECISE AND ACCURATE measuring of your entire body composition, cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health
  • Guarantee your body is functioning at an efficient level with proper nutrition and fitness planning
  • ELIMINATE THE GUESSING from your training regimen!  KNOW how to transform your body & LEARN how to reach your goals

Introductory Special

$199 (vs regular price of $500) for all of DexaFit's primary tests:

  • DXA Body Composition Scan
  • Vo2max Cardio Fitness Test
  • RMR Metabolic Health Analysis
  • Bonus 3D Body Scan 

“DexaFit Las Vegas is an essential & priceless tool for every athlete serious about developing, tracking and taking their training to a higher level."

- Amer Abdallah, WKA World Champion

Gets Answers. Not Estimates.

DexaFit is your all-in-one solution to know your body with medical-grade technology and transform your health, and fitness with science