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Start Your Healthier Future Today


Discover how you will finally create permanent and positive changes in your life. Replace guesswork with science, and optimize your health with DexaFit Madison.

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Know Your Body

Innovative 3D body scanning technology reveals hundreds of body measurements, including posture analysis and body fat.

Transform Your Fitness

Vo2max testing shows you insights into your cardio fitness level. Discover more about your heart health, fat burning zones, and more. 

Optimize Your Metabolism

RMR testing quantifies your metabolic health. See if your metabolism is sluggish or normal, and find out if you burn more sugar or fat.

Explore Beyond The Surface

Discover your hormones, food sensitivities, DNA, microbiome, and much more. 



Reach A New Level Of Optimal

Leverage the next generation of performance technology to achieve peak performance and optimal recovery with ARX and Vasper.

How to get started


Call us at (256) 542-3048 or schedule below to get started. 

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About Us

DexaFit Madison, Alabama opened to be your one-stop solution for state-of-the-art health assessments and services that help you look, feel, and perform better.

We leverage medical-grade technology and precise insights that help optimize your health in the most accurate and efficient way possible.



Contact us to learn more about how we can help you on your personal journal to optimal health..