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DexaFit Minneapolis is a boutique health and fitness testing center located in Edina, Minnesota. Our services include DEXA and 3D body scanning, Vo2max and RMR testing, Red Light Therapy, and ARX.

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DexaFit Minneapolis Testing and Services



Know Your Body

With DEXA and 3D scanning

Reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body, so you can optimize fat loss and muscle-building. 

Transform Your Fitness

With Vo2max testing

Your Vo2max is the single best indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and heart health. Discover yours, so you can customize your workouts, train smarter, and optimize recovery.



Optimize Your Metabolism

With RMR testing

Quantify the precise number of calories you burn at rest, see if your metabolism is sluggish, normal, or fast, and find out well you burn fat compared sugar.


Skip The Doctor

Own your health from home with our convenient, at-home testing kits. Explore your hormonal health, DNA, food sensitivities, gut microbiome, and much more.


Build Strength With ARX

Just think of ARX as a magic barbell. The weight is adapted to you and provides the perfect amount of resistance. 

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Get Your Joovv On

Discover the science of red light therapy. Our new Joovv Infrared/Red-Light combo light gets you 360-degrees of light therapy to treat pain and inflammation and boost mental and physical performance.

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How to book

  1. Select your test(s)

  2. Choose the day you want to see availability

  3. Hit search and select a time

Please note that the Vo2max and RMR tests require a fast.

If you are a a business, gym, team, doctor, or wellness pro, ask us about our group rates and services.

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How To Find Us

3601 Minnesota Dr #180, Edina, MN 55435 | tel: (612) 564-0332 |