Transform Your Fitness in Less Time with ARX


ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise. Using cutting edge science and technology, it will upgrade the way you train to build muscle, lose fat, and get in shape in less time.

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How will ARX help you?

For the pro, amateur, or recereational athlete...

Spend less time in the gym and more time on the practice and playing field

For the busy parent or professional...

Build muscle, increase bone density & lose body fat in a fraction of the time

For the rehabilitating athlete, elderly, or lazy...

ARX is safe and simple for all ages. No weights to drop or dumbells to trip over


What is ARX?

Adaptive Resistance Exercise

Get instant feedback and an unparalleled view of your progress. The ARX software analyzes and quantifies every second of every repetition, giving you

Get instant feedback and an unparalleled view of your progress.The ARX software analyzes and quantifies every second of every repetition



Just think of ARX as a magic barbell, where the weight is adapted to you and provides the perfect amount of resistance that you can handle at each point within the range-of-motion. This form of adaptive tension is impossible with gravity-based weights.

When you experience this 'sweet spot' of resistance, you'll achieve all your fitness or rehabilitation goals in a fraction of the time.

  • Build muscle and lose fat in less time
  • Quantify how effective your workout routine increases strength
  • Don't lose precious lean mass from atrophy if you're recovering from an injury or getting too old to workout with weights
  • Correlate how your strength changes with your results from other DexaFit tests

DexaFit + ARX revolutionizes the way you plan, execute, and quantify your overall health, fitness, and performance.

What Can You Do With ARX?


Because the ARX calculates your ideal weight for each rep, your workouts are  significantly more efficient and effective


Belt Squat


Romanian Deadlift

Calf Raise


Chest Press (3 angles)

Chest Fly

Compound Row

Overhead Press

High Pull

Triceps Pressdown

Bicep and Hamstring Curls


Better health through science! After only 6 minutes, I feel like I do after an hour at gym. ARX fits perfectly with my work, family, and yoga schedule
— Charlene P., DexaFit Minneapolis
We’re using ARX for member competitions to track how strength changes alongside lean mass gains and fat loss on the DEXA reports
— Holly P., CrossFit Edge Owner


Help us validate how well ARX helps you lose fat, build muscle, and increase strength. Try a free session at our pilot location in Minneapolis or vote below to bring ARX to your town.