DexaFit Consultation


DexaFit Consultation


15 minute consultation with a DexaFit licensed practitioner

You’ve received your DexaFit results (DEXA, Vo2max, RMR, and/or 3D). You now know your body, fitness, and health.

But now what?

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The DexaFit Starter Consultation is your opportunity to find out with a licensed doctor from the DexaFit network of practitioners and wellness pros.

Get comprehensive insights about your body and metabolism, discover potential structural imbalances that influence poor health and performance, and learn how to reduce your risk for preventative diseases like diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, cvd, and more.

Combine the best aspects of physicians – judgment, empathy, and experience - with the best aspects of DexaFit technology – accuracy, precision and convenience – to get more in depth care and personalization.

Please note that appointments are in 15 minute increments. Select your quantity based on your desired consultation length (e.g., Quantity 2 = 30 minutes).