InsideTracker Performance Panel


InsideTracker Performance Panel


Key biomarkers for strength and endurance, rest and recovery... 

The Performance Panel is perfect for the weekend warrior or serious athlete. Get a detailed analysis of 20 key biomarkers and personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle.

  • Discover your current readings and your optimal levels for each biomarker
  • Learn the effect of each biomarker on your health
  • Get detailed, scientifically-backed advice on how to improve your health and performance
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How healthy am I?

Learn how to optimize key biomarkers and get your competitive edge. 

  • Science-based analysis – Each recommendation is backed by science and directly linked to a published, peer-reviewed scientific research publication

  • Track your progress – InsideTracker’s cutting-edge platform helps you track your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of actions you are taking to improve your health

  • Upload your historical data – You can add your data from past blood tests to see a more complete picture over time

  • Identify your optimal zones – Based on your age, gender, ethnicity, activity levels and goals

  • Personalized recommendations - optimize your out-of-range biomarkers with a nutrition database providing over 7,500 food items scientifically proven to improve specific biomarker levels. 

  • Expert analysis and advice - Get advice on hundreds of supplements as well as lifestyle and exercise suggestions to help you reach your optimal zones

How it works?

3) See your results

Find out where you stand on essential biomarkers.

4) Get your recommendations

Optimize your diet, health, and fitness with personalized science-based recommendations

1) Purchase your test

Select a plan tailored exactly to your needs and goals.

2) Get your blood drawn

Choose from 2,000 locations around the US or choose 'white glove' and have your blood drawn at home!

Performance Panel


White Blood Cell Count•

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein•



Liver Health

Alanine Aminotransferase

Brain & Body



Oxygen & Performance



Energy & Metabolism



High-density Lipoprotein (HDL)

Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL)


Strength & Endurance

Creatine Kinase


Bone & Muscle Health


Vitamin D

Vitamin B12