uBiome Gut Health Kit


uBiome Gut Health Kit


Sample one site: your gut!

From just your gut sample, you get a comprehensive breakdown of your microbiome, how it's functioning, and how it compares to others.

The best starter kit for curious beginners.

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Why analyze your microbiome?

Scientists are just scratching the surface in their understanding of how our microbiome affects our health, fitness, and wellness. 

So far, it’s pretty clear that the bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract have a profound influence on our cardiovascular system, chronic inflammation, body composition, and even depression.

It's startling to realize the power these microscopic critters have over our health. 

They perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins and studies link the microbiome to human mood and behavior, as well as gut health, human development, and metabolic disorders. 

What you get?


What's in your microbiome?


How does your microbiome compare to others?


What your microbiome data means and how to understand it


Summaries of the latest research to help you optimize your microbiome and 'gut' health!

What happens?


    Your bacterial DNA is extracted out of the sample. Each of the bacteria that the DNA came from is identified. It’s a little like "dusting a scene for fingerprints."


    Your ‘fingerprints’ are compared to a reference library, to determine which bacteria they came from.


    Your results are easy to understand. You can compare your graphs to those of other groups: vegetarians, people on antibiotics - even zombies*


How it works?

Sample Your Microbiomes

The sample kit contains everything you need to swab and submit your microbiome. Swab the relevant sites to collect your sample then send your kit back.

Answer a Simple Survey

Our online survey lets you ask and answer questions about your health and lifestyle. Then we show you how you correlate to other users, to existing peer-reviewed studies, and to your previous samples.

Your Sample Visits a Fancy Lab

Once your sample is received, it goes in the lab and the magic happens.