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DXA Body Composition

Supercharge your motivation and know the exact location & percentage of your fat, bone and lean muscle!

RMR Metabolic Health Test

Discover your resting metabolic rate, speed of your metabolism & how to lose fat, build muscle, and feel better!


VO2 Fitness Test

Pinpoint your precise cardio fitness level, discover your fat burning zones, and learn how to exercise more effectively!


Blood Panel Test

Analyze key biomarkers that show you how to optimize your health, longevity & performance!


Fit3D ProScanner

Track vital health metrics & get precise before and after visuals of your progress. A 360 degree image of you.



Check 40+ genes related to fitness, health, & nutrition. See how to optimize your plan to your genetics!

Microbiome Testing

Explore your gut health. Understand how it influences your mood, behavior, and immunity!

Crowd Fitness

Join our nationwide community of biohackers, citizen-scientists, and experts on DexaFit X!