What has your body been trying to tell you?


Find out with DexaFit! Our top-tier health tests help you live longer with more energy, as well as look and perform better.


Know your body. Transform your life.


Since 2011, DexaFit has helped thousands optimize their health, fitness, and body compositions. Come get access to the best technology so you can create permanent, positive changes in your life.


Translate your biology into actionable feedback you can use to upgrade your body.

Trust you're making progress and learn how to best feed your body and move it.


Uncover tiny clues that unlock insights and trends that guide you to optimal health.

Replace Guesswork with Science.

Body Composition

DXA Scan

Reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body.

Cardio Fitness

VO2max Testing

Discover your cardio fitness level and fat burning zones so you can exercise better.

Metabolic Health

RMR Testing

Quantify your metabolism so you can personalize your diet and troubleshoot plateaus.

Gut Health

Microbiome Analysis

Explore how your gut bacteria influence your mood, behavior, immunity, and weight loss.

Genetic Insights

DNA Analysis

Identify 40+ genes and learn how to improve your lifestyle, training, and environment.

Blood Testing

Biomarker Analysis

Uncover ways to boost your metabolism, improve fitness, and reduce inflammation.

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Why We Do It


The healthcare system prioritizes treatment over prevention. People are victims of a broken paradigm. Chronic disease is on the rise. Obesity is an epidemic.

DexaFit opened seven years ago as a practical solution to this problem. We believe state-of-the-art health testing should be accessible, simple, and affordable to all.


The Buzz Around Dexa Scans