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Know your body. Transform your life.


If your body could talk,
what would it tell you?

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Since 2011, thousands of people across the country have trusted DexaFit to find out. We leverage medical-grade health testing and gold standard technologies to deliver immediate, science-backed insights about your overall health, fitness, and body composition.


Measure where you are, discover where you can go, and track what’s working.

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Know Your Body

Combining the best aspects of physicians with the best aspects of technology innovation, DexaFit provides you with high-quality, personalized insights about how to take control of your health.

  • DEXA Body Composition Analysis

  • 3D Body Scanning

  • RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Analysis

  • Vo2max Cardiovascular Fitness Testing

  • DexaFit Preventative Care Plans

  • At-Home Lab Testing for Food Sensitivities, Hormones, DNA, Microbiome, and more

Transform Your Life

Our mission is to make predictive fitness and health testing accessible, efficient, and effective. We go beyond the frenzy of fads and take a deeper look at your health using technology considered the gold standard by research and science.

  • Figure out what you need to know to accomplish your goals

  • Pay attention to the trends that help you achieve optimal

  • Stay motivated and remove roadblocks to success

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Why DexaFit?

The healthcare system prioritizes treatment over prevention. People are victims of a broken paradigm. Chronic disease is on the rise. Obesity is an epidemic.

DexaFit opened seven years ago as a practical solution to this problem. We provide real-time data and actionable insights that empower you to achieve and sustain optimal health.

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