DEXA Speaks Louder than Scales

Sure your weight might be changing. But is it fat, muscle, or bone? DexaFit's DEXA scan is the most trusted method you can use to find out.


The Gold Standard of Body Composition Analysis

Toss aside the calipers, skip the estimates, and forget the tape measure...

  • DEXA is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs
  • Simple and significantly more precise than other methods (including BMI, BodPod, and hydrostatic weighing).
  • FDA-approved technology used to quantify your lean, fat, and bone mass (to identify osteoporosis), and  visceral fat (which correlates to your risk for hormonal imbalances and disease),
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Get Answers. Not Estimates.

The DexaFit Dexa (DXA) scan is considered the industry-leader and most trusted way to measure your body fat, lean mass, and bone health. 

What to expect:

  • Get feedback that helps you lose stubborn body fat, build more muscle, and optimize your health and fitness.

  • Visualizations that map and pinpoint your muscle gains and fat loss in specific areas of the body

  • Track your body's specific physiological response to your diet or fitness plan

  • Discover your bone health and risk for osteoporosis 

  • Identify personal long-term health risks, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, and more

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What is DEXA?


DEXA means dual-energy absorptiometry. It is the gold standard for measuring body composition and bone health. It's the preferred method trusted by medicine, research, and sports labs around the world. 

A DexaFit DEXA (DXA) scan is a simple and easy 10-minute test that measures your total body fat and includes the exact breakdown of bone mass, fat tissue, and muscle in your body.

Your results are not an estimate. They're the most precise and reliable body fat test available today.

How a DexaFit DEXA Scan Works

Next steps to get started:

  1. Schedule your appointment at your nearest location.

  2. Wear workout clothes without any metal when you come in for your test.

  3. You'll lie down on our scanner for about  six to 10 minutes

  4. Your DexaFit tech will review your results and answer any questions.

  5. Your results are available immediately