Some Common Questions

What should I wear for each test?

Any comfortable clothing of choice. Bring running shoes if you scheduled a MetaFit or VO2 Max.

When will I get my results?

Right away! Once we finish your tests, we review your results and answer any questions.

How accurate is DXA?

DXA is the gold standard of body composition analysis used by research, medicine, and sports labs around the world. It has the SMALLEST margin of error (less than 2%) compared to other methods.

What will the DXA scan tell me?

Everything you need to know about your body! You'll learn how much lean mass, fat mass, and bone mass you store in each region of your body. Your muscle symmetry (i.e., if you have any muscle imbalances. How much fat is stored around your organs (known as your visceral fat). This is vital to knowing your health risks like diabetes, hormonal imbalances (Low Testosterone), and cardiovascular risk.

How long does each test take?

Your DXA scan only takes six to 10 minutes. The RMR and VO2 tests each take about 10 to 15 minutes. The rest of your visit is spent reviewing your results and answering questions about how to optimize your plan.

Do you offer personalized training plans, nutritional plans, etc?

Not 'quite.' We have a trusted network of wellness professionals we've vetted and know get results for their clients. Tell us your goals and we connect you with a good match! We'll be offering this new platform soon: (sign up for our beta tests!)

Still have a question? Let us know how we can help!

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