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What is DexaFit?

DexaFit is the industry’s first evidence-based fitness and wellness platforms that takes the guesswork out of health. We leverage medical-grade diagnostic technologies, innovative biomarker testing, data-driven insights and leading-edge digital health tools to customize, guide and engage individuals in their personal health journeys.

Who is DexaFit for?

Everyone! From athletes to health professionals to individuals looking to improve their overall health, we offer testing and solutions for everyone.

I’m not an elite athlete. I don’t have a gym membership and don’t want to pay for one. I just want to lose some weight. How can DexaFit help?

DexaFit is a great accountability partner. We help you measure where you are so you can systematically move toward your goals. Your fitness journey is personal, so DexaFit gives you customized information so you have a clear target.

What services do you offer have?

We have several tests from you to choose from, you can always have multiple tests done for a comprehensive health analysis. These include:

DXA Body Composition Scan (DEXA scan)

Vo2max Cardio Fitness

RMR Metabolic Analysis


Biomarker Analysis

Food Intolerance

3D Body Scan

Longevity Score

Preventative Care Plans

Red Light Therapy (select locations)

NormaTec Compression Therapy (selection locations)

ARX Fitness Technology (selection locations)

Vasper Systems (selection locations)

I know my BMI. Why do I need DexaFit?

BMI is a calculation of your appropriate body weight based on height and weight, but does not necessarily represent your muscle-to-fat ratio. Our testing will measure the amount of lean muscle and fat you have in each part of your body. This is a much better indicator of overall fitness and health. It also reveals imbalances that could lead to injury.

What do I do with my data after testing?

We recommend customers share their data with professionals who can help them develop and execute health plans. We also link them with specific partners and research depending on their goals.

How long do I have to wait to get my results after my test?

We’ll give you a printout of your results at the end of your visit. You can share this with a trainer or other professional to begin accomplishing your goals.

How often should I retest?

A big part of what we do is help you hold yourself accountable. So we suggest you retest with us three months after your first visit. This way you’ll be motivated to improve on your numbers. We’ll help you determine how often you should return based on your results.

I don’t live near a DexaFit location. How do I get started? Can I get a scan somewhere else?

You’ll need to visit one of our locations to use our technology. If there’s not one near you, we urge you to visit when you’re in town. We open new locations all the time, so keep checking our website to see when we open one near you!

Can DexaFit help lower my health insurance premiums?

Because DexaFit can help you improve your health, maybe. We recommend contacting your insurance provider with this question before you visit.

What training do your technicians go through?

Everyone at DexaFit is committed to learning and knowing exactly what you truly need to transform your health. Our technicians are trained according to individual state radiologic health branch requirements and we have a thorough internal training program. one of our locations to use our technology.


What does a DEXA Scan measure?

DEXA Scan measures total body weight, fat, visceral fat, lean mass and bone mineral density.

Why is my DEXA body fat percentage so much different than what is recorded from other tests?

DEXA scan takes several measurements where as other tests use standardized equations that can account for variables like bone density. DEXA is a direct measurement of your specific body composition.

How much radiation will I be exposed to?

Radiation exposure is minimal, however if you have a previous health disposition or concern, please discuss with your primary care doctor prior to making an appointment. Women who are pregnant are not advised to have a scan.

Can I eat or drink before having a scan?

Yes, you can have a small meal and water before a scan. Please note, if you are receiving additional tests at the same time, those tests may require fasting.

Vo2Max Testing

What does Vo2max test measure?

Vo2max is your aerobic power, or maximal oxygen uptake. As exercise intensity increases so does oxygen consumption. However at some point, you reach a maximum intake level and you enter an anaerobic state. Vo2max is the highest rate at which your body is able to consume oxygen.

How is the test performed?

The test is performed on ether a bike or treadmill. You will wear a heart rate track and special mask. You begin the test with normal breathing and as intensity increases, you will work harder until you reach exhaustion. At that point of maximal fatigue, the test is stopped and allow your heart rate to recover, all the while your oxygen uptake is being recorded.

Can I eat or drink before my test?

Do not eat or drink anything other than water at least 4 hours prior to your test. Do not consume alcohol or nicotine 24 hours prior to your test. You may take medications and vitamins, however please refrain from any thermogenic aids.

Can I exercise the day of my test?

It’s important to have efficient rest prior to your test, therefore we recommend to refrain from all exercise 24 hours prior to your test. You may exercise after you have the test performed.

What should I wear to my test?

Loose fitting clothing, such as joggers, shorts, leggings, breathable t-shirt, and athletic shoes are best.

Why is Vo2Max important?

Vo2max is an indicator of overall fitness and health. This score reflects your cardiovascular efficiency by identifying the exact amount of oxygen your body uses at your current fitness level. It then feeds you the heart rate you should target to maximize results. This is the same target heart rate that will optimize your body’s ability to burn fat.

What factors affect Vo2Max?

The biggest factors include, but aren’t limited to:




Body composition

Fitness level and activity

What else does it measure?

Vo2max test also records your respiratory exchange ratio, which shows your fat-burning and carb-burning zones, and how many calories you burn during active exercise.

Can I increase my Vo2Max?

Yes, aerobic power can increase between 6 and 20 percent with proper training and conditioning. Initial increases in Vo2max are significant in the beginning. Steady-state aerobic conditioning and HIIT are both effective ways to increase Vo2max, but research shows that HIIT is the prefered method. The key is consistency in training and pushing your intensity to the limit.

Why is increasing Vo2Max important?

Vo2max is proven to be a powerful predictor of cardiovascular disease and mortality in men and women. Research has found that a person’s Vo2max is a better indicator of mortality than tobacco use, hypertension, elevated blood lipids and diabetes. Those who have a higher Vo2max are less likely to have a heart attack, therefor will likely live longer than those who have a lower Vo2max.

RMR Analysis

What is RMR analysis?

RMR stands for resting metabolic rate, this is the amount of calories your body burns at rest. Because your body burns (uses) calories for everyday functions like breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc. there is a minimum number of calories you need to consume. Daily movement such as brushing your teeth, driving, doing laundry, etc. requires additional calories for proper function and to maintain weight. An RMR analysis measures how many calories you burn just by laying in your bed all day.

Why do I need to know my RMR?

There are several reasons to know your RMR. The primary reason is to ensure your metabolism is functioning properly. If your RMR is lower than expected, there may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. A low RMR can also mean you are not consuming enough calories necessary for daily functions, so your body is saving energy by slowing down your metabolism.

The secondary reason is to stabilize weight and/or weight loss and identify how many calories you need to achieve your goals. The speed of your metabolism will determine how many calories you need to consume to lose, maintain or gain weight.

What affects my RMR?

RMR is very sensitive, and can be affected by several factors including:




Efficiency of digestion

Quantity of intake



How should I prepare for my RMR analysis?

Avoid food, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine at least 6 hours prior to your test. Do not exercise for at least 12 hours prior to testing.

What should I wear to my test?

We suggest loose, comfortable clothing.

How is the test performed?

The test is very simple. You will lay down in a reclining chair and breath into a tube which will collect your exhaled air and analyze it. The test takes approximately 15-20 minutes and your test results woll be available immediately.

3D Body Scanner

What is a 3D Scanner?

A 3D scanner analyzes your body measurements and ratios for specific body parts like neck, waist, hip, thigh, etc. It is the most accurate way to take body measurements, and only takes 40 secs.

How does a 3D Scanner differ from a DEXA Scan?

3D scanning is one of the most precise methods for measuring aesthetic change, and is a consistent, accurate way to track changes over time. As 3D scans are primary used for aesthetics, where as DEXA scans provide valuable information as to what is going on below the surface.

How does it work?

The process is simple! All you need to do is stand on a platform, hold the handles and stand still for 40 seconds as the image sensor moves up and down, scanning you body. Within 5-10 minutes you will receive your results.

How do I prepare for my scan?

You can eat and drink up to 2 hour prior to your scan. For ladies, please wear a sports bra and fitted leggings or short. Men, please wear a fitted top and bottoms.