A formula to achieve meaningful and lasting change…


For Every Goal and Lifestyle

Whether it's losing 30 pounds and a few inches from your waist, shaving 15 minutes off your triathlon time, or adding more lean muscle to look and feel great, DexaFit keeps you accountable to your goals and helps you discover the ideal diet, training, or treatment plan for you.

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Get F.I.T.

Step 1

Find Your Baseline



Find DexaFit near you. Choose your plan. Schedule your appointment.



Learn your baseline health and fitness level with clinical-grade technologies.


Discover how your body and fitness level compares to healthy and optimal.

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Step 2

Implement Change


Visit DexaFit your follow-up tests after trying your new plan for a few weeks or months.


See with precision how your body, fitness, and metabolism changed on your plan.


Confirm your plan is getting results, so you don't waste time, money, and effort.

Step 3

Tailor Your Lifestyle



Discover how to sustain progress and create better habits for success.


Learn tips and tricks from a nationwide network of clients and professionals.


Ask better questions to define new goals, so you can reach a higher level performance.

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Take your body and fitness to the next level


How Others Use DexaFit

To Improve Energy, Sleep & Weight


Hormones, metabolic health, cardio fitness, and body composition all play a significant role in your energy level, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

DexaFit shows you what's holding you back from feeling your best and reaching a higher level of performance.

To Optimize Athletic Performance


If you're a motivated athlete or weekend warrior looking to upgrade your performance in the gym, on the field, DexaFit gets you a competitive advantage to optimize energy, strength, power, endurance, and recovery.

To Accurately Track Performance


Between work, loved ones, and your social life, you don't have the time to keep tabs on what's best for your health and fitness. That's why

DexaFit uses the most accurate testing for managing and optimizing your fitness if time is an issue for you.

To Identify Health Risks


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Make sure you optimize longevity and fitness before any red flags are raised.

DexaFit makes it easy to breakthrough plateaus and ensure your plan is optimal for your body and metabolism.