A formula to achieve meaningful and lasting change…


For Every Goal and Lifestyle

DexaFit keeps you accountable to your goals. Discover your ideal diet, training, or treatment plan using state-of-the-art technology.

Gain muscle. Lose weight. Run faster.


Get F.I.T.


Body Comp






And more!

Step 1

Know Your Baseline

To understand exactly where you are using medical-grade testing and technology


Schedule your visit at your nearest location.


Test your body, fitness, and health.


Set your goals and create your plan, with our help.

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Step 2

Implement Change

Using precise insights about your health, fitness, and metabolism...

Trust the process and follow your plan.


Re-test and follow-up as planned.

Analyze your progress and confirm results.

Step 3

Tailor Your Lifestyle

With results powered by the best science available today.


Get insights from a nationwide network users.

Experiment with new habits to achieve your goals.

Sustain your progress and determine next steps.

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Take your health and fitness to the next level

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 We use DexaFit to help us stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.”

Why People Use DexaFit

To Increase Longevity and Identify Health Risks


Spring into the best shape of your life, diminish your risk of disease, and be confident in your process.

To Improve  Vitality and Lose Weight


Produce more reliable results and enjoy greater lifestyle flexibility. Wave goodbye to strict diets, overexertion, and confusing fads. 

To Raise Energy Levels and Save Time


Discover how to fit good health into your busy routine. Feel more energetic at home and work, and create more efficient habits.

To Optimize Performance and Training


Gain a competitive edge. Harness your insights to train smarter, prevent injury, and sleep and recover better.