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Create The Future Of Health and Wellness in the Workplace


Engage and motivate your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle



Build a happier and healthier workforce using DexaFit.

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Empower employees with personalized insights,

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Drive down your short and long-term healthcare costs.


Motivate them 

DexaFit helps your employees  visually track their body composition health.

  • FDA-approved to quantify  lean, fat, and bone mass, including visceral fat (a leading predictor of metabolic syndrome)
  • Reveals imbalances in muscle symmetry, strength, joint mechanics, and more 

Empower them

We help them take control of their metabolic health with Vo2max and RMR Testing

  • Considered the best indicator of heart health and risk for early death.
  • Spots sluggish metabolisms and finds the precise level of exercise intensity to burn fat, maximize recovery, and optimize performance.
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Simplify it for them

Help them discover more about themselves with our innovative lab testing.

  • Blood panel testing kits show them their hormonal health, food sensitivities, and more
  • Microbiome and DNA screening kits let them explore their gut and genetic health

Your Business. Our Support.


Full-time Cheerleaders

Our team of experts are dedicated to your success. 24/7.

Save Money

Discover the effectiveness of your organization's wellness initiatives.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

You focus on your business. We take care of everything else.

Rally and Inspire

Energize your employees with unique insights.


Make Smarter Decisions


Leverage DexaFit's innovative technology and services to empower a proactive vs reactive approach to workplace wellness.


Tell Us Your Goals

We collaborate with your existing talent, including HR and managers to identify your organization's wellness goals.


Comprehensive Baseline

We collect qualitative and quantitative data with medical-grade diagnostic testing proven to correlate with health, fitness, and longevity.

Turn Data Into Insights

We help your employees identify their risk for chronic conditions and empower them to help themselves own their health.


Create A Healthier Workforce Today