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Our Story


DexaFit for Beginners

Maybe you first heard about us from a friend who you couldn’t recognize after they tried a new diet, or learned about DexaFit when you read about it in Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body, or saw Matt Lauer get a Dexa scan on NBC’s Today Show.

Whatever it was that brought you here – losing 30 pounds and a few inches from your waist, shaving 15 minutes off your triathlon time, or adding more lean muscle to look and feel great – our technology and services have several layers of game-changing benefits.

DexaFit makes it easier for you to perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of science, personalization, and innovative technologies.

Our Story

DexaFit co-founders Adam Kadela and Matt Ulrich first discovered the value and importance of regular biometric testing to get fit, stay healthy and improve performance when they met in college. Both were starters and captains on the Northwestern University football team—Adam as a 6' 3", 240-pound middle linebacker and Matt as a 6' 2", 310-pound offensive guard. Matt went on to win Super Bowl XLI as a member of the 2006 Indianapolis Colts.

In order to compete at a highest level possible, they had access to the world's best collegiate and professional sports labs and medical care to help them fine-tune their programs, boost their performance on the field and maintain their overall health.

They launched DexaFit in 2011 to bring this same pro-quality testing and personalized care to amateur athletes, weekend warriors, stay-at-home moms and dads, and others who want to transform their lives by getting stronger, leaner, happier and healthier.

We're trying to equip and empower people with the information and resources previously limited to elite athletes, professional teams, and sports science labs around the world. This way they can save time, money, and effort by learning what diets, workouts, and treatment programs are best for their bodies."

- Adam Kadela, DexaFit Co-Founder

DexaFit Overview

DexaFit locations provide an evidence-based health and wellness approach that empowers you to take a proactive (vs reactive) approach to your health.

Leveraging a network of on-site and telemedicine practitioners as well as medical-grade diagnostic testing, DexaFit provides a quantifiable, evidence-based approach to health and wellness. 

Our first center opened in 2011 because of the national shift to value-based care along with skyrocketing healthcare costs. There is now greater priority placed on prevention and wellness efforts with increased accountability, since heart disease, diabetes and obesity are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems.

By combining predictive fitness and health testing, our approach provides several layers of benefits that make it easier for people to perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of science and innovative technologies.

DexaFit Experience

The DexaFit experience is designed to transform the cumbersome, outdated, and sometimes confusing process of traditional health care. 

The goal is to offer a simple, fast, and easy process that provides actionable insights you can use to learn what you need to do optimize health, track your progress and stay motivated on your plan.

Our locations provide you an all-in-one solution to transform your body, health and fitness with science, including access to state-of-the-art technologies that include:

  • Body Composition Analysis using DXA technology (sometimes called a DEXA scan) used to reveal your body fat, lean mass, and bone health

  • Vo2max Cardio Fitness and Metabolic Health Testing with the same technology used by leading hospitals, sports labs, and research centers, including the Mayo Clinic

  • Blood Panel, Microbiome, and Genetic screenings that are convenient, flexible, and powerful

  • Engaging reports and dashboards of your results to show you what everything means, how to apply them, and what to do in order to optimize your health

  • Leverage predictive health tools to offer insights and recommendations that improve your preventative health risk profile

Measuring your progress with this kind of technology is unique and rare because it gives you access to insights usually only available at hospitals and professional athletic facilities. Combining these insights with someone that knows how to leverage them to optimize a plan means you reach a higher state of health and performance. 

Our mission is to make health testing and personalized planning accessible, efficient, and effective. We want to go beyond the frenzy of fads and take a deeper look at the state of science around the most pressing health questions of the day.

Similar to the “You are here” arrows on maps or mall directories, DexaFit acts as beacon or guidepost along your journey to optimal health and performance.


We are

unusually passionate and tireless trying new and innovative ways to optimize your performance

We love

crafting inspiring stories from fitness data to educate, motivate, and help our clients reach their goals sooner

We can

help you learn what diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes work best for your body and metabolism

We work

with wellness professionals, corporations, gyms, insurance companies and anyone looking to get leaner, stronger, happier and healthier


Transform Your Health Today

Find Your Nearest Location to schedule the following DexaFit tests and services: 

  • DEXA Scan (body fat, bone, lean and mass)

  • Vo2max (cardio fitness, HR zones, and AT)

  • RMR (metabolic health, RMR, and RER)

  • 3D Scan (body measurements and posture)

  • Personalized preventative health plans

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  • Biomarker Analysis

  • DNA Analysis

  • Food Intolerance Testing

  • Microbiome Gut Health Analysis

  • And more