Going DexaFit for Beginners

Don't start a diet or fitness plan without it.

Maybe you heard about DexaFit from a friend who you couldn’t recognize after they tried a new diet, or learned about Dexa when you read about it in Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body, or saw Matt Lauer get a Dexa scan on NBC’s Today Show.

Whatever brought you here – whether it's losing 30 pounds and a few inches from your waist, shaving 15 minutes off your triathlon time, or adding more lean muscle to look and feel great – welcome!

DexaFit’s been around for quite awhile now (2011) and sometimes the information we’ve shared over the years can be overwhelming to a newcomer. That’s why we’ve collected a short overview of everything that’s helpful when you’re starting DexaFit.

Why we do what we do

Millions of people waste time on workout programs they’ll never stick to, diets that are impossible to keep up, and fitness gimmicks that never really do anything.

DexaFit opened to provide clients the most strategic, results-driven health and fitness testing system that makes sure a diet and fitness plan is the right one for you and actually gets results. 

We go beyond the frenzy of fads to take a deeper look at the state of science around the most pressing health and fitness questions of the day.

How DexaFit works

We only offer advanced medical-grade technology and services to perform our fitness testing.

Our clients are anyone who wants access to personal health and fitness data that helps them lead healthier lives, using state-of-the-art resources such as:

  • Body Composition Analysis using DXA technology (sometimes called a DEXA scan) 
  • Vo2max Cardio Fitness and Metabolic Health Testing with the same technology used by leading hospitals, sports labs, and research centers, including the Mayo Clinic     
  • Blood Panel, Microbiome, and Genetic screenings that are convenient, flexible, and powerful
  • Engaging reports and dashboards of your results to show you what everything means and how to apply them  
  • Easy access to a network of wellness professionals and leading experts

Access to this kind of technology is unique and rare because it gives you access to technology and feedback usually only available at hospitals and professional athletic facilities.

What we do

Everyone at DexaFit is committed to learning and knowing exactly what you truly need to transform your health, fitness, and bodies.

During every client engagement, we use gold standard technology to collect information about your body, health, and fitness and combine it with detailed analysis and our expertise to help you: 

  • Figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish
  • Pay attention to the trends that help you learn how to achieve their optimal
  • Ask better questions to discover what's important to you and why
  • Stay motivated and remove roadblocks to success

The DexaFit Roadmap is simple.

Only measure and track the ‘vital’ few metrics that matter most for achieving optimal health and you’ll avoid missing your signals within the noise.

Most people don't have an 'army of analysts and sports scientists' measuring and tracking their progress with the best available technologies. It's cost prohibitive but also overwhelming.

#Cost of our technology combined + what pros spend to optimize

DexaFit makes it simple to equip and empower yourself with the information and resources previously limited to elite athletes, professional teams, and sports science labs around the world. 

This way you save time, money, and effort by knowing what diets and workout programs are the best for your body type, metabolism, and physiology.

Even if you don’t plan to go DexaFit all at once, taking it one step at a time is a great way to go – the more you track, the better you know how to optimize how you look and feel!








Our Story 

Timeline here


Here’s the most common route people take with DexaFit


1.) First, they want to KNOW (not guess) their baseline BODY COMPOSITION, how they compare to optimal, and what tactics they can try to transform it.

That’s what the DexaFit DEXA scan and Fit3D scan provides. A complete breakdown of your lean mass, fat mass, and bone mass (and visceral fat too). 

2.) They've learned their body composition health (one of the top metrics correlated to health and well-being), and now they want to discover their CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS and MITOCHONDRIAL HEALTH.

That's what DexaFit VO2 Max test shows you. Your VO2 Max, anaerobic threshold, heart rate zones, and overall fitness level (it’s also one of the best predictors of early death and mitochondrial efficiency).

3.) They want to get a deeper understanding of their METABOLISM, how many calories they burn in a day, and if they’re fat-burners or sugar-burners.

This is what DexaFit RMR analysis shows you.

4.) They've become biohacker ninjas and want to take a crack at OPTIMIZING ESSENTIAL BIOMARKERS like testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, cholesterol, and more.

This is why we partnered with InsideTracker, EverlyWell and WellnessFX to offer biomarker panels. .

5.) They’re interested in seeing how their GUT HEALTH and DNA influence their health, fitness, and performance.

This is what the uBiome SmartGut and FitnessGenes DNA kits show you. 


6.) They want to know what they SHOULDN’T eat because they have an allergy or intolerance to certain foods. This is what the PinnerTest Food Intolerance Kit provides you. A detailed breakdown of foods you should AVOID. 



7.) They want to ask questions, GET ADVICE, and run their plans by us personally. This is what you get to do after every visit during your personal consultation and report review.

You can also email us follow up questions for answers and feedback. 

That's DexaFit in a nutshell...

Find Your Nearest Location to schedule the following DexaFit tests: 

  • DXA Scan (body fat, bone, lean and mass_)
  • Vo2max (cardio fitness, HR zones, and AT)
  • RMR (metabolic health, RMR, and RER)
  • Fit3D Scan(body measurements and posture)

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  • Biomarker Analysis
  • DNA Analysis
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Microbiome Gut Health Analysis