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Transform lives. 

Make Health And Fitness A Lifelong Passion


DexaFit is rapidly expanding and looking to scale our vision to make state-of-the-art health and fitness testing accessible, efficient, and effective.

Join the DexaFit Partner Network and change the way people take care of themselves.




Offer transformative technology trusted as the gold standard by science.


Deliver personalized health and fitness insights to optimize planning.


Improve feedback loops and give people the best possible chance of improving health.

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How Do DexaFit Partners Help Others Take Better Care Of Themselves?


They show people their baseline health and fitness with the most advanced testing available today.




Millions of people waste time on workouts they’ll never stick to or diets that are impossible to keep up. They're tired of guessing and estimates when they measure their progress and try to plan.


DexaFit opened to offer people access to transformative technologies that help them discover what diets and workout programs are the best for their body type, metabolism, and physiology.

“I learned more about my body and health in 30 minutes at DexaFit than I have in 20 years. These are amazing technologies and give accurate information that you can not easily get any other way. “
— - Rick, ONGO Fitness


They track and and analyze the biometrics needed to optimize your diet, fitness, or treatment plan and confirm it gets results.


Most people don't have an 'army of analysts and sports scientists' measuring and tracking their progress. DexaFit helps them uncover the fads, frauds, and hardcore programs that don't lead to sustainable body transformations. 


Our testing makes it simple for them to track their progress on a plan, stay motivated, and use predictive fitness and health analytics to visualize how their body is changing and modify a plan to guarantee the best results.

“Low carb, high carbs, low calories, high fat, low fat.... Every day it’s something new. DexaFit initially helped me realize that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH. I have been steadily losing fat and gaining muscle ever since my last two visits.”
— Meghan R. Yelp


Many health and fitness claims believed by people these days cannot be substantiated with fact.

DexaFit is changing this...

Since 2011, we've watched clients try everything from eating Paleo, Vegetarian, and Ketogenic... to getting in shape with CrossFit, Triathlons, and ARX... 



This combination of data and insights gathered at our locations allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening, why it's happening, and what's working.

“I’m in the best shape of my life at age 48 with 10% body fat. MetLife reduced my insurance premiums after reviewing my DexaFit report!”
— Rod, DexaFit Bay Area

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Designed for Success

We help you pick the ideal location and design a layout to produce optimal results. 

Space Overview

  • 675 to 1,500 square feet recommended

  • Freedom to divide space into separate rooms for services


Body Composition Analysis

with DXA Body Composition Analysis

Help others know the exact location & percentage of fat, bone & lean muscle throughout their body.

  • Trusted as one of the most proven DXA systems available
  • Third generation DXA technology refined over 30 years
  • Hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals confirming DXA as the most accurate body composition measurement

3D Body Scanning

with Fit3D Proscanner

In 40 seconds, the Fit3D ProScanner takes a complete 3D, 360° body scan and extracts the most commonly used benchmark fitness measurements

  • Offer hundreds of thousands of body shape and posture assessments
  • Used worldwide in more than 20 countries
  • Receive an initial scan report which contains your outer body measurements and 3D avatar

Metabolic Stress System

for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Pinpoint precise cardio fitness levels, how to exercise more effectively, and personalize diets to boost sluggish metabolisms.

  • Vo2max, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Base, Lactate Threshold, and Fat Burning and Heart Rate Zones, and ECG/EKG testing
  • Powerful predictor of both cardiovascular disease and all cause mortality in both men and women
  • RMR and RER analysis to monitor metabolic health

Modern Lab Testing

Get access to priority pricing, support, and availability of DexaFit's lab tests.

Blood Panel Testing

Offer custom blood panel analysis, onsite group phlebotomy testing, and takehome kits


Food Intolerance Kits

Help clients customize diets and avoid foods that make them sick, bloated, and fat

Microbiome Testing Kits

Sequencing-based microbiome screening kits provides detailed gut health analysis


DNA Screening Kits

FitnessGenes takehome kits check 40+ genes related to fitness, health, and performance


All-In-One Business Solutions

Owning your own business can seem both daunting and exciting at the same time. By partnering with DexaFit, we make sure you avoid starting from scratch during your startup, shorten your operations learning curve, and provide you with ongoing support and resources.

Pre-Launch Playbook

Avoid missing small details starting up. Your roadmap to launching your new business.


Marketing Support

Print and digital marketing support. In-house design team for custom marketing materials

Technology Support

Ongoing technology support and troubleshooting for testing equipment

Operations Playbook

5+ years of operation. Get DexaFit workflows, processes, and protocols. 

Training Support

Training with equipment and access to DexaFit University online training portal

Testing Protocols

DexaFit testing protocols deliver consistent, high-quality service and data

Low Overhead

Preferred pricing for all of your testing equipment, technology, supplies, and more.

Compliance Support

Safety guides and training to ensure state compliance. Regulatory support & updates

Strategic Partnerships

Benefit from DexaFit's national ad campaigns, partnerships, and pilot trials

and much more.


About DexaFit

Technology innovation is driving the movement toward more personalized health and fitness. Objective, data-driven feedback is more critical than ever if you want to know the merits of a fitness plan and track progress with confidence.

Access to the latest developments in health, fitness, and nutrition science is essential if you want to understand where you are, where you should be, and if what you do works.

DexaFit opened in 2011 to provide this access to clients. Our locations offer the most strategic, results-driven health and fitness testing system that makes sure a diet and fitness plan is the right one for someone and actually gets results. 

Our mission is to go beyond the frenzy of fads and take a deeper look at the state of science around the most pressing health and fitness questions of the day.

Most Popular Questions

Q: What kind of support do I get from DexFit?

You will get access to a robust support system, designed and tested during the early stages of our growth. Support ranges from…

  • Initial space build-out support, including equipment, furniture, technology, and supplies

  • Regulatory state compliance support, medical oversight support

  • Formal training and on-going education (DexaFit University resource hub & expert oversight)

  • Website, social media, digital marketing and technology development and support

  • Relationships with our strategic partnerships, including Research, Pilot Studies, Military, Gyms, Hospitals, & Corporations

  • And much more (outlined on your introductory call)

Q: How large of a space do I need?

675 to 1,500 sq/ft is the minimum space you will need. 

Q: What are the requirements to operate a DexaFit in my state?

Upon completion of your application below, we will forward any requirements or additional information you will need to know about your state.

Q: What is an estimate of my initial startup investment?

Initial Capital Investment:  ~$147,000 to ~$188,000

Includes all Testing Equipment, Office & Technology requirements, Territory Rights, and Professional Services.

*DexaFit has relationships with third-party sources to offer preferred financing options

*A more detailed Financial Model with a breakdown of costs, revenue, and income estimates will be provided upon the completion of the application below.


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