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Teaching people how to eat and workout is the easy part.

Accurately measuring their progress to motivate them, getting them to stick to your plan, and erasing any doubt of the value of what you tell them? That's what's hard.


Introducing Powered by DexaFit


Powered by DexaFit is a simple way to offer medical-grade technology, testing, and support within your current place of business.


Get fitness testing and technology trusted as the gold standard by science

Don't fall behind. Offer today what will be considered 'best practice' tomorrow 

Improve your client feedback loops, retention, and provide fitness personalization


 All-in-one solution to transform your body, health, and fitness with science.


Choose from a comprehensive suite of fitness and wellness assessments for you and your clients.



Body Composition Analysis

with DXA Body Composition

Supercharge motivation & know the exact location & percentage of fat, bone & lean muscle throughout the body.

  • Trusted as one of the most proven DXA systems available
  • Third generation DXA technology refined over 30 years
  • Hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals confirming DXA as the most accurate body composition measurement

3D Body Scanning

with Fit3D Proscanner

In 40 seconds, the Fit3D ProScanner takes a complete 3D, 360° body scan and extracts the most commonly used benchmark fitness measurements

  • Offer hundreds of thousands of body shape and posture assessments
  • Used worldwide in more than 20 countries
  • Receive an initial scan report which contains your outer body measurements and 3D avatar

Metabolic Stress System

for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Pinpoint precise cardio fitness levels, how to exercise more effectively, and personalize diets to boost sluggish metabolisms.

  • Vo2max, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic Base, Lactate Threshold, and Fat Burning and Heart Rate Zones, and ECG/EKG testing
  • Powerful predictor of both cardiovascular disease and all cause mortality in both men and women
  • RMR and RER analysis to monitor metabolic health

What else is available?

Get access to priority pricing, support, and availability of DexaFit's additional biometric performance tests from our partners.

Blood Panel Testing

Offer custom blood panel analysis, onsite group phlebotomy testing, and takehome kits

Food Intolerance Kits

Help clients customize diets and avoid foods that make them sick, bloated, and fat

uBiome SmartGut Kits

Sequencing-based microbiome screening kits provides detailed gut health analysis

DNA Screening Kits

FitnessGenes takehome kits check 40+ genes related to fitness, health, and performance


Support and Additional Services

Once your order is delivered and installed, we make sure you know how to use everything, explain the test results to others, and help you spread the word in your market.


Marketing Support

Digital marketing support and in-house design team for custom marketing materials

Technology Support

Ongoing technology support and troubleshooting for testing equipment

Training Support

Training with equipment and access to DexaFit University online training portal

Testing Protocols

DexaFit testing protocols deliver consistent, high-quality service and data

Compliance Support

Safety guides and training to ensure state compliance. Regulatory support & updates

Strategic Partnerships

Benefit from DexaFit's national ad campaigns, partnerships, and pilot trials

and much more.

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