Camp Pacheco

Camp Pacheco + DexaFit to triple her client retention and success rates


Creating Harmony and Balance


  • TPI Certified Instructor

  • H4U Retreat Owner

  • Author


> 1,000 (offline and online)

Use Cases for Her Clients

  • DXA Body Composition

  • Vo2max Cardio Fitness

  • RMR Metabolic Health

  • Biomarker Panels

  • DNA Fitness Profiles

  • Food Intolerance Kits

  • Microbiome Kits

  • Group Competitions (with Leaderboard tracking)



Camila Pacheco is BIO

So when the Brazilian native needed to modernize her teaching toolkit and get more out of her clients, she looked for two main features.

First, the ability to accurately quantify and track their performance using the most accurate testing available.

And second, Camila needed a way to customize her clients' workouts to their unique body types and metabolisms and motivate them to stick with their plans when she wasn't around.

DexaFit struck the right chord. It complemented her philosophy and holistic training approach, utilizing nontraditional tools with modern ones.

Better Clarity. Faster Results.


“Many of my clients are women," said Camila. "They were obsessed with how they looked in the mirror or what the number on the scale told them.

And sometimes this proved to be a problem. They didn't believe they were making progress because the scale was barely moving."

A new way to measure and track how their bodies were changing on their programs was needed. Scale limitations, distorted perceptions in mirrors, endless confusion over what to eat and what to avoid—with DexaFit, this kind of approach was a thing of the past for members of Camila's online and offline communities.

Increased Sales and Retention Rates


By having all of her clients measure their baseline body, fitness, and health with DexaFit, Camila noticed an exponential rise in her client retention rates due to the progress they were making.

Today, Camila's clients get access to vital information about their fitness and health

That keeps their focus where it should be and helps them stay motivated on their plans.