Featured Competitions

DexaFit is used by thousands to judge their fitness competitions because our technology is trusted as the best.


CrossFit vs CrossFit

Who's the fittest Box? Tom and Holly first met at a late night party in Chicago back in 2009. Both now own their own CrossFit gym. Each thinks their box is the best. They asked DexaFit to find out. We now want to see how all Box's compare to CrossFitters across the country. 


Dallas vs San Francisco

Which town is the leanest? Is it true that the San Francisco hills get people in better cardiovascular shape? We're answering these questions and more. Join this challenge and help us see which city is the fittest. 


Most Fit Orange Theory

OrangeTheory Fitness members love DexaFit. Their heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy. We measure that. If you're a member of OrangeTheory and want to see how you rank...


F45 Challenge

F45 Training was developed as a community based training environment that offers support to people seeking to achieve their health and weight loss goals. Join this challenge to get DexaFit testing and see how you compare to other F45 members across the country.

Start Your Own?

We host challenges and competitions for gyms, personal trainers, teams, wellness programs, and close groups of friends. If you have a business or group interested in starting your own challenge, let us know.