What is Fit3D?

A 40-second scan results in a full 360° avatar and precise body measurements


Why Fit3D?

Objective progress that's consistent and accurate

(regardless of your hydration, time-of-day, caffeine consumption, and soberness...)


Using a noninvasive, near-infrared camera, a standard image sensor moves up and down while you're scanned.



In 40 seconds, the Fit3D scanner takes a complete 3D, 360° body scan & extracts essential fitness feedback



The precision of your measurements are within 'half an inch' of variance between scans.



Compare your scans over time in a secure online dashboard and track detailed summaries of your fitness progress

How others use Fit3D to transform

“Incredibly detailed images! I could tell my HIIT class, my jogging, and the everyday gym workouts were contributing to all of the results from the challenge.”
— Andre Anderson, Key Health Institute Edmond, First Place Inch Loss Challenge Winner
“You forget sometimes and get lost in what you started your journey for. Looking at this transformation, I rememeber why I started! 160lbs when I began and 135lbs now. I cant thank you guys enough seriously!
— Valerie D., Revolutionize

Start Seeing Progress in 3D

Available in select DexaFit locations (San Francisco, San Carlos, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and New Orleans).

Coming soon to all!