How It Works

Follow the timeline below and repeat as often as you like :-)



You pick a pilot, challenge, or create your own.

Schedule Your Baseline

Finish your registration questionnaire, submit payment (if applicable), then schedule your baseline tests.

After Your Baseline

Follow the instructions outlined in the pilot or challenge you signed up for.

Re-Test & Debrief

Complete your follow-up testing, schedule your debrief, verify or expose the hypothesis of your challenge!

Real Life Example

You sign up for a pilot sponsored by Jawbone and DexaFit. You get a discount on all of your DexaFit baseline and follow-up tests (plus a free Jawbone). You come back after 3 months and test again. We see how well you improved. 


Register today for a chance to get selected in one of our ongoing Pilots or Competitions. You will get discounted DexaFit testing, perks and incentives from partners, and join a community of innovative biohackers, cutting edge thinkers, and crazy dreamers.


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