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Start Your Healthier Future Today


Coming this fall, get clarity and direction with DexaFit San Diego. Replace guesswork with science to finally create permanent and positive changes in your life. 


Know Your Body

With our innovative DEXA and 3D body scanners, we reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body, including your visceral fat. 

Transform Your Fitness

Considered one of the top predictors of all cause mortality risks, our Vo2max test helps you discover how to optimize your cardiovascular and mitochondrial health. 

Optimize Your Metabolism

Our RMR analysis quantifies your metabolic health, shows you if your metabolism is sluggish or normal, and reveals if you burn more sugar or fat.

Explore Beyond The Surface

Our at-home lab testing kits place give you the freedom to discover your hormonal health, food sensitivities, DNA, microbiome, and much more. 


Grand Opening Specials


We're excited to announce our grand opening coming this Fall. Sign up below to get early access to testing and discounted pricing on packages.

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About Us

DexaFit San Diego is your one-stop solution for state-of-the-art health assessments and services that help you look, feel, and perform better.

We leverage predictive health testing and gold standard technologies, so you get insights that optimize your health in the most accurate and precise way possible.



Sign up now for early access, and finally create permanent and positive changes in your health and fitness.