DexaFit Atlanta Plans & Pricing

Get DEXA scans, VO2 Max testing, RMR health analysis, and anything else you need to know your body and transform your health and fitness.

Starter includes all these premium benefits too!

$75 Member Rate for any DexaFit tests

Share one of your tests with a friend!

Premium Reports & Online Dashboard

Pro includes all Starter benefits, plus:

$65 Member Rate for any additional DexaFit tests

Share two of your tests with a friends!

Enterprise plans include group pricing, plus:

Competition Tracking & Group Leaderboards

Planning & Reporting Tools

Analytics and Visualizations for Fitness Challenges



What if I just want one test right now?

No problem! Schedule any of our tests and services as individual options and 'pay-as-you-go'

  + Where you’re losing fat and building muscle    + Visceral fat and correlated health risks    + Bone health and osteoporosis risk    + Muscle imbalances and injury risks     Learn More > 
  + When your body burns fat and sugar during exercise    + How well your cardio fitness level compares to optimal    + VO2 Max, AT, Aerobic Base, and Heart Rate Zones    + Customize workouts to burn more fat with less fatigue     Learn More > 
  + Precise number of calories your body burns at rest (RMR)    + If you’re a ‘fat burner’ or ‘sugar burner’    + How to maximize fat loss while still building muscle    + If your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast     Learn More >  

Which premium plan is right for me?

Starter >

For casual fitness tracking & feedback. Extra support & confidence your plan works. 

Pro > 

For competitors, 'biohackers,' & fitness-driven. 'Fine-tune' & optimize your plan with more data!

How does DexaFit work with large groups and business?

We offer a wide variety of services for large groups, clubs, gyms, and businesses, including competition trackinggroup leaderboards, and key metric analytics for wellness programs.

Gyms, Groups, & Wellness Professionals

Corporate Wellness and Business Partners

Physicians, Clinics, and Research

Some FAQs...

What if I want to cancel my plan?

No problem! Cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan anytime. You will only owe the regular price balance of the tests you used.

How long is each appointment?

One test is a 30-minute appointment. If you schedule all three for one visit (DXA + RMR + VO2), it will be take an hour to perform all of your tests and review your results. 

How often should I visit for my re-tests?

If you're a fan of the Goldilock's Principle2-4 months is your target. Most of our clients find it's their 'sweet spot' to discover how effective their diet and training plan is working.

It gives your body enough time to adjust to a new routine, so you can see if you should stick with it or change it (in case it's not working!).

 How do I pay?

You can pay monthly or annually if you sign up for a premium membership. Or pay-as-you-go.

Can I use my HSA/FSA card to pay for this?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! 

What's included in the premium reports?

All Premium Plans come with upgraded premium DXA reports, which include your visceral fat and bone mass analysis. 

How do I prepare for my tests?

You can read the Pre-Test Protocols Here >

What do you guys think about Pluto?

Pluto, if you're reading, we still think you're a planet :-)


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