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Welcome to DexaFit Highland Park

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your health and get in the best possible shape of your life. We leverage predictive health testing and medical-grade technologies to deliver science-backed insights that help you get leaner, stronger, happier, and healthier.

Services We Provide

  • DEXA Body Composition Analysis

  • 3D Body Scanning

  • RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Testing

  • Vo2max Cardiovascular Fitness Testing

  • DexaFit Preventative Care Plans

  • At-Home Lab Testing for Food Sensitivities, Hormones, DNA, Microbiome, and more

Nutrition Consultation with Meal Plan (1 hour consult)

This service is designed for individuals looking for structure to take charge of their health. During your consult, we will gather information from your health history, exercise history, DEXA (sold separately) and/or RMR (sold separately) to create a comprehensive and customized “lifestyle” plan. This will include a flexible, easy to implement meal plan with specific macronutrient recommendations and guidelines tailored for you.

This service includes:

  • Email support for up to 4 weeks after first appointment
  • Approved food list according to your needs and preferences
  • Flexible meal plan with macronutrient recommendations (Carbohydrates, fats and protein)
  • Nutrition tips that includes eating out, meal prep, snack ideas and grocery tour
  • Adjustments to the plan, and support, as needed, up to 4 weeks after first appointment

Cost: $150.00

Event/Race Day Fueling Consultation (1 hour)

Nutrition is commonly overlooked as a crucial component to improve endurance and athletic performance. This program is designed for athletes looking to dial in their race day nutrition to properly fuel the body for optimal performance. Health history and season long goals will provide a baseline to begin your race day meal plan. After completing a sweat test (not included), we can determine your precise electrolyte loss and recommend a custom hydration plan to ensure proper hydration and performance.

This service includes:

  • Pre-training/Race or Event Nutrition: Fueling for your race or event
  • Race/event week recommendations
  • Recovery Nutrition: Replacing your energy stores
  • Individualized suggestions for the use of the following: bars, gels, chews, tablets, powders and supplements
  • Hour-by-hour fuel and hydration strategies appropriate for each discipline
  • Email support up to 4 weeks after the first appointment
  • Adjustments to plan up to 4 weeks after first appointment

Cost: $150.00

Nutrition Follow-up Appointments

If you've purchased a previous nutrition service in the past, or are looking for long-term support, this is the perfect way to check-in, review your progress, and make adjustments to improve your nutrition plan. Life and health are constantly changing so your nutrition needs should adjust accordingly.

This service includes:

  • In-person visit one time per month for 3 months
  • Modifications to your original plan
  • Review of labs and other metrics (sold separately)
  • Establish goals and implement an action plan
  • Email support for 3 months

Cost: $300.00


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*Please note that the Vo2max and RMR tests require a fast. See additional testing requirements and commonly asked questions here.

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DexaFit Highland Park

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