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What is DexaFit?

We take the guesswork out of optimizing your health and fitness. DexaFit leverages medical-grade technologies to deliver accurate information and science-backed insights on the overall health of your body within minutes—so you know where you are, discover you’re going and track what’s working.

Services We Provide

  • DEXA Body Composition Analysis

  • 3D Body Scanning

  • RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Testing

  • Vo2max Cardiovascular Fitness Testing

  • DexaFit Preventative Care Plans

  • At-Home Lab Testing for Food Sensitivities, Hormones, DNA, Microbiome, and more

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*Please note that the Vo2max and RMR tests require a fast. See additional testing requirements and commonly asked questions here.

If you are a a business, gym, team, doctor, or wellness pro, find out about our group rates and services.

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