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Get life-changing insights about your body composition, fitness, and metabolism

DexaFit technology and testing is used by individuals improving their health and fitness, athletes optimizing their performance, and top research and sports labs demanding accuracy and precision with results.

Our services are HSA/FSA elgible.

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The Gold Standard of Body Composition Analysis

Map your body fat, muscle, and bone density in the most precise way possible with DexaFit's DEXA body composition scan.

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Replace Your Mirror With Fit3D

See more than 400 body measurements in less than one minute with a Fit3D body scan. 

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Find Your VO2max To Perform Better.

Pinpoint your fitness level and heart rate zones to exercise smarter, recover sooner, and burn fat more effectively

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Feed Your Body What It Needs

Discover your precise caloric needs and reveal changes in your metabolism to troubleshoot plateaus

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What else can you get?


Know thy blood

Collect hard data you can use to improve your energy levels, mood, and total health

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Don't Eat That

More than 90 percent of us are inflamed by some type of food. Test the 200 most common.

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Meet Your Gut

Your bacteria affect your mood, immunity, and more. They work best when you work together.

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Crowd Fitness

Leverage the power of the crowd. See what works. Join our network of citizen scientists.

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Unzip Your Genes

Identify more than 40 genes that affect how you react to diet and exercise.

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ARXFit Omni

DexaFit 'beta' service under consideration. Quantify your strength and build lean mass.

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Track and inspire with others


We also offer group pricing. Our community plans are perfect for competitions and team tracking. 


For gyms, large groups and wellness professionals...

For corporate wellness and business partners...

For physicians, researchers and clinics...

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