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DexaFit makes sure you follow the best diet and fitness plan for your body and get the results you want.


Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Metabolic Health Testing and Services


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Body Composition Analysis

with Dexa (DXA) Scans >

and Fit3D Pro Scanner >

Supercharge your motivation & know the exact location & percentage of fat, bone & lean muscle throughout your body


Cardio Fitness

with DexaFit's VO2 Max Testing >

Pinpoint your precise cardio fitness level, discover your fat burning zones and learn how to exercise more effectively


Metabolic Health

with DexaFit's RMR Analysis >

Personalize your diet and training & reveal changes in your metabolism that help you troubleshoot plateaus

What else can you get?


Blood Panel Testing

Science-based blood analytics tailored to you

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Food Intolerance

Test your food intolerances and know what to avoid

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Microbiome Analysis

Explore your gut health and how to improve it

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Crowd Fitness

Leverage the power of the crowd and learn what works

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DNA Fitness Testing

Check 40+ genes related to your fitness and health

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ARXFit Omni

DexaFit 'beta' service under consideration

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Track and inspire with others

Our group options include competition trackinggroup leaderboards, analytics for wellness programs, and discounted pricing.

For gyms, large groups and wellness professionals

For corporate wellness and business partners

For physicians, researchers and clinics

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