Replace Guesswork with Science

DEXA Body Comp

DEXA Body Composition

Know with precision the percentage of fat, bone & lean muscle throughout your body, including visceral fat.

Cardio Fitness

VO2 Fitness Test

Pinpoint your precise cardio fitness level. Discover your fat burning zones and exercise more effectively.

Metabolic Health

RMR Metabolic Health Test

Personalize your diet and training. Reveal changes in your metabolism that will troubleshoot plateaus.

Microbiome Health

Microbiome Testing

Explore your gut health & understand how it influences your mood, behavior, immunity, and weight loss. 

Genetic Fitness

DNA Analysis

Check 40+ genes related to fitness, health & nutrition. Optimize yourself to your diet, training, and environment.

Biomarker Analysis

Blood Panel Testing

Analyze the biomarkers essential to your optimal health, performance, longevity, and vitality.