PinnerTest Food Intolerance Kit

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PinnerTest Food Intolerance Kit


Some of us can’t digest certain food types. This is problematic.

This maldigestion causes inflammation in our gut system and unwanted particles enter our blood stream.

The opposition between our immune system and these unwanted particles is called “Food Intolerance” and it leads to Discomfort and Disease that lasts for a lifetime.

Discover your food intolerances with DexaFit and PinnerTest. 

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How Food Intolerance Makes You Sick and Causes Weight Gain

The Serotonin Hormone is what makes us feel full and responsible for our good mood.
The small intestine produces 95% of the Serotonin Hormone in our body. If you have an inflammation in your intestines, caused by Food Intolerance, Serotonin production stops and you won’t feel full.  You will start craving sugar and carbs.
Even a supposedly “Healthy Known” vegetable such as lettuce or parsley can be the reason for weight gain and many other diseases, if you are intolerant.

Today, with Pinnertest, it is Possible to Test Food Intolerances with Accuracy and Precision.

In the past, it was impossible to identify specific foods that cause intolerance with a precise lab test and those who suffered from food intolerance tried to identify their intolerances through the process of elimination diets or unreliable test methods.
Today, with Pinnertest, it is Possible to Test Food Intolerances with Accuracy and Precision.

The Report is Very Easy-To-Understand and Super Insightful

We test for 200 food types and after we receive your blood sample, within 10 days, you will receive your Pinnertest results via email.
The results that you will receive are very easy to understand. The foods in the red column represent the foods that you can’t digest, that are your Pinnertest Food Intolerances.

Our food intolerance specialists will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding your Pinnertest results after you receive them.