Biomarker Blood Panel Testing

What’s more personal, more telling, than blood? It means family, life, and health. After all, we all know that blood is thicker than water. And we wait anxiously for our blood tests to come back because they can tell us innumerable things – good and bad. So, what if our blood could tell us what we’re missing? What if it could tell us what we need to eat or what we need to work on when it comes to taking better care of ourselves? At DexaFit, we realized that that is exactly what our blood can do.

Our Biomarker Blood Panel Test was designed with this in mind. For the young and the old, for those who are diligent about their healthy lifestyle or for those who are merely curious, it works just the same. At the intersection of biology, technology, and science, the test and its platform are truly a thing of the future.

Despite all of that, however, it is quite simple. Get your blood drawn at any of our 2,000 locations or even have it done at home. Then personalize your test with information ranging from your age, sex, ethnicity, and activity level, and watch as your biomarkers shift to compare to your demographic!

Our test analyzes your blood and physiological data to create compact results that suggest countless options for your health and wellness. Your profile will be able to offer up a broad range of nutritional recommendations from a database containing more than 7,500 food and vitamin items specific to your individual goals.

Additionally, whether you’re working with high cholesterol or low blood sugar, you Biomarker Blood Panel Test can offer supplemental advice beyond diet options. Exercises and basic lifestyle changes can be suggested to lead you right into your optimal zone!

It doesn’t end there, though. Add past tests to your program for more information, guidance, and reliability when it comes to your comprehensive blood panel; read up on the science behind each suggestion through relevant, peer-reviewed articles linked to your profile, and track your success all along the way.

Ultimately, all that’s left for you is to select your test and commit to letting it help you optimize your health, wellness, and performance. The complete blood panel test can answer all your questions. However, if you’re only worried about your sugar level, fluid balance, heart, kidney or liver function, all of that can all easily be tested with our metabolic blood panel test. A standard blood panel test, on the other hand, works to address potential issues such as anemia or infection or even cancer of the blood.

In the end, we like to think that our Biomarker Blood Panel Test is something along the lines of a personal trainer, a dietician, and a loved one all at once. It’s a program that knows your goals and your struggles, while also knowing what it is that you many need most. It means short-term health that lasts long-term and it means caring about your well-being. After all, who knows what’s better for you than your very own body?