Grow your knowledge about Dexafit's services through detailed articles and guides. 


DXA/Dexa Scan

The Dexa/DXA Scan allows its users the opportunity to gather results on the health of their bones and measure body composition. 

RMR Metabolic Health Test

Learn about DexaFit's a comprehensive resting metabolic rate test, which is far more accurate than any and all formula-based RMR/BMR estimates that are out there.

Biomaker Blood Panel Testing

Our Biomarker Blood Panel Test was designed to for those who are diligent about their healthy lifestyle or for those who are merely curious. By analyzing your blood, the test is able to tell you more about your lifestyle and ways to improve

Fit3D Proscanner

With incredibly accurate and consistent imaging, this non-invasive, near-infrared 360˚ 3D body scanner will produce precise body measurements in under a minute.

VO2 Fitness Test

Learn how VO2 testing minimizes after-workout soreness and allows you to train in a way that is the safest for your individual body, reducing the risk for exercise-related injuries.