What is a Dexa (DXA) Scan?

Are you ready to take charge of your health? The Dexa/DXA Scan offered by DexaFit allows its users the opportunity to gather results on the health of their bones and measure body composition. Below, you’ll discover how the Dexa/DXA Scan works, the beforehand preparation required, and why getting the scan can revolutionize how you take care of your body.

What is the DXA Scan?

If you are wondering what a DXA Scan is, you are not alone. DXA stands for Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry. This scan uses two X-ray beams to scan the body in a noninvasive way, and thus the exposure to radiation is low. The DXA Scan is quick, taking approximately ten to twenty minutes to complete, with the two beams running through your body and measuring your bone density and body composition. According to CNN, this scan is one of the most accurate tests currently available for body composition testing.

Preparing for the Dexa scan is easy because it requires little preparation except for avoiding calcium supplements 24 hours before. This scan is extremely convenient, especially for people that are busy because they are able to be in and out of the appointment in about thirty or so minutes. People can come in, put on a gown, remove jewelry and other metal objects, and have the scan before returning to their daily routines. If you are pregnant, it is important that you inform your physician and x-ray technologist so that adjustments can be made to minimize exposure and risk to the baby.

Identifying Health Conditions

DXA Scans are wildly popular for identifying an individual’s chance of developing osteoporosis. Currently, this test is the most accurate method for determining whether you are at risk for osteoporosis. The results will also show your risk of developing a fracture in the future. By utilizing this knowledge, you can take concrete steps to raise your calcium levels and reduce your risk.

Pinpointing conditions and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, chronic renal disease, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and respiratory disease is simple and convenient with a Dexa Scan.

Identifying possible problems opens up a dialogue with your doctor about possible solutions. These scans are also highly recommended if you have liver disease, type-1 diabetes, thyroid condition, kidney disease, or are taking medications that are known to cause bone loss.

Dexa Body Composition

DXA Scans are for more than just bones; they also provide a comprehensive scan for measuring body composition. The scan is FDA approved to quantify dangerous levels of deep belly fat, also known as visceral fat. The fat is found padded in the spaces between abdominal organs and is linked to a number of health problems including metabolic disturbances, the risk for cardiovascular disease, breast cancer (in women), and type-2 diabetes. This fat is also directly linked with higher cholesterol and insulin resistance, and is typically influenced by heredity and hormones.

Why the Dexa/DXA Scan Will Help You

Knowing your percentage of visceral fat can tell you how much exercise and diet you need in order to reclaim your belly. Not only will you discover the percentage of visceral fat, but the scans will also reveal the specific areas where the body fat is located. This information will allow you to build a specific fitness and dietary plan built around the needs of your body. When you target specific ‘problem areas’ on your body with your workouts, you may see better and faster results.

This Dexa body scan also provides you with the exact location of lean muscle. Muscle plays a key role in metabolism and preventing pathologic conditions and chronic diseases. Maintaining muscle mass is also important for preventing bone thinning/osteoporosis. Specifically, targeting these muscles and strengthening them will allow you to improve your balance, blood sugar, and sleep.  


A Dexa/DXA Scan can change everything you know about your body. From your bone density and your risk of a fracture, to your body composition and total body fat in precise locations, the DXA results from the scans are individual to you. Thanks to DXA testing, you can change your diet to increase your calcium intake and take preventive measures so fractures never happen. You can transform your workout routine and lifestyle habits to maximize results and health. The Dexa Scan can help you live your best life. If you want to learn more or book an appointment, visit DexaFit.com.