DNA Fitness Test


If you want to optimize your fitness plan, you have to know your body. Getting a DNA fitness test can help you finally understand what types of workouts you should be doing to optimize your results. Whether you want to burn fat, gain muscle, or just feel healthier, knowing the composition of your genes will help you reach your goals.

What is a DNA/Genetic Fitness Test?

The Fitness Genes DNA/Genetic Fitness Test is an examination designed by expert trainers, geneticists, and nutritionists to discover your genetic fitness blueprint. It will analyze your DNA and teach you how 40+ genes are related to your fitness, health, and nutrition. Your DNA data is then combined with your environmental data (such as your weight and diet) for an all around analysis.

In ten business days or less your results will be returned with a comprehensive and easy to understand breakdown of your fitness needs. The test is the first step in learning about your body's abilities and what forms of diet and exercise are most effective for you. After receiving your results, we will provide you with a detailed workout and nutrition guide that is tailored to your physical needs. This guide will include photos and videos of new workout techniques, and a personalized daily training and nutrition plan.

Who Needs the Test?

Testing is ideal for anyone hoping to improve his or her physical fitness. The DNA/Genetic Fitness Test can teach you how to improve your speed, fat burning, endurance, recovery time, and muscle building.

Anyone with fitness or healthy living related goals could benefit from the insight this test has to offer. Whether you are a professional athlete hoping to improve results, or simply hoping to lose a few pounds we can give you the information you need to achieve your goals.

The DNA/Genetic Fitness will finally explain why you don't get the same results as others who are doing the same workouts. It puts your body as the focus point to learn what approaches will be successful for you, and which you shouldn't waste your time on. With a fitness guide that reflects your personal environmental and genetic factors, anything is possible.

How Will Knowing Your DNA Help You?

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your body the easier it is to get the results you want. Knowing your DNA can help you understand how your body reacts to workout volume, tempo, and repetition. Testing can show you how to optimize muscle size and strength by spending just the right amount of time to not be overloaded or underworked. Your DNA can tell you what type of cardio is most effective, and why certain techniques are not effective for losing weight. You will know which vitamins and supplements you should be taking to maximize your success.

Additionally, DNA testing can reveal predispositions your body has towards diseases or injuries. By knowing what to look out for you can tailor your lifestyle to avoid possible health conditions. For example, if you found out you were at risk for heart disease, you would have a heads up to decrease red meat consumption and increase cardio.

Testing can also tell you if you are likely to become insulin deficient, and will give you a chance to decrease carbohydrate consumption before it is too late. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing your genes. Most fitness programs fail because they aren’t optimized for individual genetic differences, and this article highlights some of the reasons why.

Getting Started

Dexafit DNA testing packages are categorized by goal, and if you are unsure where to begin, we would recommend the fat loss program.

This program teaches training methods to ignite your metabolism and drop body fat percentages quickly. If you would prefer to visit one of our locations you can find a DexaFit store near you here: https://www.dexafit.com/dexafit-store-mapper. Stop wasting time with inefficient workouts and explore our site to learn about our DNA performance kits and genetic training systems.