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DexaFit Seattle

111 W John St. Suite 203 A Seattle, WA 98119 | (206) 268-0700 |


Start Your Healthier Future Today.


DexaFit Seattle is a boutique health and fitness testing center in Seattle, WA. Replace guesswork with science and get life-changing insights about your health today.


DexaFit Seattle Testing And Services


1. Know Your Body

Our DEXA and 3D body scanners reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body. 

2. Transform Your Fitness

Your Vo2max is the single best indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and heart health. Discover your fat burning zones and train smarter.

3. Optimize Your Metabolism

RMR testing quantifies your metabolic health. See if your metabolism is sluggish or normal, and find out well you burn fat over sugar.

4. Skip The Doctor

Own your health from home with our convenient testing kits. Explore your hormones, DNA, food sensitivities, microbiome, and much more.


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Grand Re-Opening Special

For A Limited Time Only!


1 DEXA scan + 1 Fit 3D scan for only $99

(vs $200 regular price value)