Maintaining Good Health Habits With DexaFit

You’ve read through all of DexaU, so now what? It’s time to learn how to keep that momentum going for the long haul. Maintaining good health doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be so easy that it becomes natural and second nature—something you do without having to think too much.

Fortunately, there are already many ways you can learn to take care of yourself that are both effective and simple, and for various individuals, teaming up with DexaFit has made maintaining good health even easier than before. Thanks to their programs, products, fitness information, tests, and other offered services and resources, DexaFit makes it even easier for you to enjoy your best health and live your best life.


Taking Advantage of DexaFit Perks

A company quite unlike any other, DexaFit has made it a goal to promote good health and wellness for everyone. They do this through offering a number of services and resources to clients that will not only help them feel better, but also help them learn how to develop and maintain healthy, beneficial lifestyle choices. Some of DexaFit’s most popular resources include:

Body Composition Measurements: Using the DXA Body Composition tools and undergoing a 3D Body Scan Analysis, DexaFit helps clients pinpoint exactly where they carry the most fat. This is done to help clients know where to focus when starting a diet or exercise plan.

Cardio Fitness Optimization: DexaFit helps clients optimize cardio fitness by pinpointing one’s precise cardio fitness level. This is done using DexaFit’s Vo2 Max Testing, which returns an extremely accurate reading of heart health and cardio fitness levels. Before DexaFit, this information and testing was only available hospitals, professional sports labs, and high end universities, so why not take advantage of this opportunity while you can?

Metabolism Measurements: One of the best ways to jumpstart weight loss is to understand your metabolic health and levels. DexaFit can offer even better clarity of understanding thanks to their RMR Analysis. Overall, this resource helps you to personalize your training plan and diet, highlighting certain changes in your metabolism that will help you tweak and change your diet and exercise plans accordingly.

Food Intolerance Testing: Food intolerance isn’t always as obvious as food poisoning. Sometimes it results in fatigue, a minor rash, a headache, gradual weight gain, or some other benign symptom that’s easy to miss or misread. If you want to find out which foods are just not working with your body, a Food Intolerance test is a great way to go. DexaFit’s food intolerance test is easy and effective, and can help you begin feeling better in no time at all.

DNA Fitness Testing: Are there some fitness programs, diets, and exercises that just don’t work for you? Are you unable to understand why there are some things you just can’t do, no matter how hard you try? On the flip side, are there some foods you can eat without problem, some activities that just feel easy, and fitness programs that are hardly a challenge? If so, you may want to try DexaFit’s DNA Fitness Testing. This test helps reveal certain genes that are directly related to your fitness and health, highlighting your body’s abilities in fitness, speed, recovery, endurance, and much more!


Learning to Put Yourself First

In a world where everyone is busy, stressed, and carrying dozens of responsibilities, it’s easy to become so overwhelmed that you actively put yourself second every chance you get. One aspect of maintaining a good health is to learn how to put yourself first sometimes. This doesn’t mean being selfish or neglectful to your responsibilities and relationships, but it does mean learning that it’s perfectly okay to get to bed early.

Treat yourself sometimes, take a day off for self-care, go for a run or walk to clear your head, or do something else relaxing that can lower stress-levels and just make you feel better. Treating yourself to a DexaFit test may be one of those self-care projects you can engage in—and why not? You deserve it and it’s good for your health!


Developing and Keeping Good Habits

Overall, maintaining good health really comes down to three key habits:

Knowing When to Rest or Play: “Play” here means working, getting things done, and taking care of your various responsibilities while “rest” refers to taking to chill out, relax, and of course, sleep. Of course, there are things you need to get done, but resting up and relaxing deserve a spot on your “to-do” list as well. Maintaining good health hinges on finding a balance between knowing when to work, knowing when to rest, and actually doing both.

Eating Right: As mentioned above, knowing which foods are good for you, and which foods to avoid is a huge part of maintaining good health as well. This doesn’t mean you can enjoy a treat every now and then, but it does mean knowing what your body can and can’t handle. The right diet can help your workouts, your sleep quality, and your mood, so be sure to find and perfect one that works for you.

Exercising: Exercise is a no-brainer when it comes to good health, but many people avoid it. Exercise doesn’t have to be a rigorous, body-destroying activity that leaves you a sweaty, panting mess. Like the right diet, there are right and wrong exercises for different people. DexaFit can help you find the perfect fitness plan and program for you and your unique body, which should turn into a habit you will always keep.  

DexaFit is here to help you become your best self, so be sure to use it, it’s services, and its extensive resources. No company is as dedicated to helping promote health and wellness like DexaFit, so explore it, engage with it, and learn more about it because it can help you learn more about yourself.