How One Simple Number Ignites the Change You Need

Have you ever stopped and wondered how long you might live? We did. 

It’s why we created a solution that helps people get a leg up on optimizing their longevity. Aging affects us all, and we all want to know how to live a longer, more optimal life. 

Meet the DexaFit Longevity Score

Our idea was simple. We already leverage specific, medical-grade diagnostic testing backed by science and trusted as the gold standard. The data we collect with it provides detailed insights about someone's current health status. This data is more precise than what your birth date, height, weight, step count, can predict.


So what if we could figure out a way to discover what is truly going on inside of your body and create a “Longevity Score”? A metric that reveals your overall state of health and helps you live a happier, healthier, stronger and longer life?

After hours of research and meticulous data analysis, we created an algorithm to do just that. 

How does the Longevity Score work?

First, we only use data backed by decades of peer-reviewed medical research. Second, we collect the primary data we need in a non-invasive way. And third, we make the metric smarter when we input more data to the algorithm.

By leveraging the power of DXA body composition analysis, Vo2max testing, and metabolic health and biomarker analysis, we can discover “biological clues” that help us understand your risk for preventable diseases and provide a snapshot of your total health. 

We combine these clues to create your Longevity Score. It shows you exactly where you are, how you compare to others like you, and where you need to be in order to achieve optimal wellness. 

How to leverage your Longevity Score?

We all want to turn back the hands of father time and feel like we did in our youth. This essential human quest and aspiration is what we want to tap into with the DexaFit Longevity Score. 

We see it as your alarm clock, your congratulatory applause, your scoreboard. It is the clarity and motivation you need to drive the change in your lifestyle. 

And because your body is always changing both inside and out, your Longevity Score is dynamic. As you re-test with DexaFit, your score will change. It will show you how your daily choices increase or decrease your score. We recommend that you treat your body like an exotic sports car and check your oil a few times a year. 

Through this personalized approach, you will identify the lifestyle interventions that prolong your longevity, hold you accountable, and motivate you on your journey to optimal health.

Get started today by scheduling a visit to a DexaFit near you.