How the Fit3D Proscanner is the Future of Wellness Assessment

Have you ever wanted a full-on assessment of your body? Are their questions about your health and wellness that just aren't being answered like you want them to? It is a natural thing for health-minded people to want to know as much about their health and wellness as they possibly can. While a trip to the doctor can certainly give you plenty of information, sometimes you want something that's both more focused and more holistic. With this in mind, DexaFit offers a complete 3D body scan analysis by the Fit3D Proscanner. This technology makes it possible for DexaFit to provide patrons with precise body measurements and readings in just 40 seconds. With the Fit3D Proscanner, DexaFit can help you learn more about your body, your health, and overall wellness than ever before!



What is the Fit3D Proscanner?

Described as "the most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine," the Fit3D Proscanner in an all-new technology that assesses all aspects of health and wellness for your body. It was initially designed to "provide the most comprehensive wellness assessment" for users, giving companies like DexaFit a way to provide you, our valued clients, with a full body analysis that tells you everything you need to know about your personal health and wellness. The data returned from this assessment helps clients to understand their health better so that they can improve it, work to enhance personal wellness, and learn about their bodies in ways that weren't as easily accessible before. With the Fit3d Scanner, you can learn the following stats and data: 

  • Posture Analysis: You've always had your mother telling you to think about your posture, and now you can in an all-new way! The Fit3D Proscanner analyses your posture and provides you with an understanding of all the "shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body." This info can help you identify tension, soreness, and pain from poor posture as well as act as a baseline for posture improvement. Over time you will begin to see progress in how you carry your body, how you handle tension and weight, and how you align your body. As things improve, you may find that the strange little aches, pains, and pinches you feel in your neck and back will soon disappear.


  • Body Shape Wellness Scoring: Do you know how mass is distributed within your body? Are you carrying more mass around your midsection? The Fit3D Proscanner returns a rating that helps you understand your health based solely on where mass is within the body. This means that if you are carrying more mass around your midsection, thighs, behind, or elsewhere, you now have concrete reading to help you know how to lose and redistribute mass into a more healthful configuration.


  • 3D Body Scans: One of the most interesting bits of the Fit3D Proscanner is that it allows users to obtain a full 3D image of their body in under a minute. The 40-second scan returns this complete image giving users more depth and understanding than a simple X-Ray ever could! with this information, you can understand your body on a much deeper level because you'll see problem areas as well as improvement over time.


  • 100+ Measurements: In addition to a full-scale 3D image of the client's body, the Proscanner also offers hundreds of useful measurements. These include circumference, lengths, widths, surface areas, heights, and volumes that help round out your 3D image even more.

How Does the Fit3D Proscanner Work?

The Fit3D Proscanner is a straightforward technology both simple and innovative in its design. It works by using a "non-invasive, near-infrared camera" with a standard image sensor. The snesor moves up and down while the client stands on the scanner platform. The whole process takes a quick 40 seconds in which the scanner completes a full 3D, 360-degree body scan. The scan also "extracts" essential fitness feedback, creating an interactive picture for the client to study and learn from. 

The best part of the Fit3D scan is that it is highly accurate. The data and measurements it returns are all within half an inch of variance between scans. This means clients are receiving the utmost precision in their scan feedback. What's more, the scan does not return lists and lists of confusing numbers and equations. The Fit3D scan is visualized, meaning you are able to actually see what the measurements mean for the client's body. Instead of looking at a dashboard online with numbers, figures, and summaries, clients can actually get an accurate and easy to understand visual of their fitness progress and success!

Those who have already used the Fit3D scanner find that they have a better time losing fat, gaining muscle, improving heart rate and stamina, and reaching other fitness goals. The accurate, visualized, and simple design of the Fit3D Proscanner makes it easy to really understand what one's body needs and what it is going through. With better understanding comes better response and action, pushing health, wellness, and fitness into a new stratosphere

How to Use the Fit3D Proscanner

Though clients will learn how to use the Fit3D Proscanner when they visit a DexaFit location to have the analysis done, it doesn't hurt to mention the process here as well! What's so great about the Fit3D scan is that it is incredibly easy. All the client has to do is to step onto the platform, adjust the handles, and hold onto the buttons to allow the scan to start. From here the client will stand as still as a statue to ensure that their scan and reading are as accurate as possible. The apparatus will slowly rotate as the scanner itself will move up and down, taking in a full image of the client's body. If the client moves, loses their footing, or that the Fit3D returns an unclear scan, the process can be done all over again. Remember, the whole procedure only takes 40 seconds to complete!

Of the scan results, the most important measurements are mapped out onto the client's 3D image. This is done to show where progress is being made and to be used in wellness assessments. To learn more about how the actual process is executed, check this out

Heading Towards The Future of Wellness Assessment


For a long time, health and wellness were not as synonymous as they always sounded. Whenever a person gets sick, gains weight in a certain area, or notices some other health concern or issue, the issue itself is dealt with. While this is not wrong or problematic, it does ignore the whole body as a unit. When one part is not up to scratch, everything else is subsequently thrown out of balance. With this in mind, the Fit3D Proscanner becomes that much more useful and cutting edge. This technology takes a holistic approach to health and wellness by assessing the whole body from top to bottom. The hundreds of measurements, data pools, and useful images returned after a scan give users a well-rounded look at not just their health, but their entire body. Instead of focusing on just one area to improve, you are able to see everything and how it works in relation to everything else. This creates a much more balanced body and mind, which leads to more balanced health overall.

With the Fit3D Proscanner, you will not only see progress on the outside but also progress on the inside. Start getting a better view of your health and wellness with the help of this amazing scanner technology. The Fit3D is currently available in select DexaFit Locations, but it soon coming to all! To find the nearest DexaFit location to you, go here.