The Problems With Goals and Plans...

Writing out your goals and plan is easy. It's the testing and executing it that separates the successful ones from the ‘dreamers.’

Not only do you write it out and state the intention to reach x, y, or z.

(lose 8 pounds of fat in three months… drop two dress sizes by the wedding... build 7 pounds by muscle by the spring…)

You ‘do’ what you planned, test it, tweak it, then make it better.

That’s how success happens.

It’s true with lots of things...

+ Recipes

+ Articles

+ Management techniques

+ Strategy

+ Relationships (all kinds)

Test, tweak, and make it better.

In the context of health and fitness, we test and tweak how we eat, our workout routines, sleep habits, etc.

We measure our baseline, track how it’s changing our body, and discover what to do to make ourselves better.

Is this process sometimes difficult?


It demands you acknowledge and accept that your original plan wasn't perfect.

Humility, non-attachment, and care empower you to fix this though.

Being good at ‘starting something’ isn’t enough. Success comes when you finish and polish something until it works.

When you ‘empty your cup’ every time you measure your progress and judge if your plan works, you improve your odds of making yourself better.

It’s why accurate information and feedback about your progress is so important.

It keeps you from hiding behind excuses, regrets, insecurities and frustration.

It holds you accountable.

But the most important thing it does is guarantees you know everything you need to know about your body so you can transform it.