Top 20 Health and Fitness Blog of 2019

January fly by too quick? Do you feel like you’re behind on your health and fitness goals?  Every feel like there’s so much information and don’t know where to turn? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make easier for you to stay on top of your game and keep up to date with the latest, we took the guess work out and complied the top 20 health and fitness blogs to keep your eyes on this year. 

1. MyFitnessPal

Run by one of the biggest global fitness brands, it should come as no surprise that it features an abundance of health and fitness resources. Everything from recipe ideas to the newest workout trends to fitness product reviews can be found here, so make sure to add this blog to your heavy rotation.

2. ACE

If you're looking for expert-level articles that rely heavily on scientific data to support their claims, look no further than the American Council of Exercise blog. Since all the information featured is produced by renowned professionals in the industry, you never have to worry about whether you can trust the content. 

3. Tony Gentilcore

If you're searching for a fitness blog to keep you motivated and focused on reaching your wellness goals, start by browsing the content on Tony Gentilcore's blog. The blog features motivational statements and inspirational quotes to help you persevere along your fitness journey, along with simple and straightforward fitness advice and tips.

4. Jessi Kneeland

Body image struggles tend to come hand-in-hand with health and fitness goals, but Jessi Kneeland is devoted to helping women challenge negative mental habits and self confidence while improving their physical fitness. This blog is dedicated to improving both mental and physical health, so you'll find a diverse assortment of empowering diet, fitness, and mental health pieces with a body-positive slant.

5. The Great Fitness Experiment

Sometimes we're not looking for nitty gritty, ultra-technical articles from seemingly flawless fitness gurus, but rather, personal and relatable stories that make us feel like we're connecting with a friend over shared fitness successes and mishaps—Charlotte's lighthearted and humorous posts fit the bill perfectly. If you're feeling a bit alone on your pathway to a healthier lifestyle, The Great Fitness Experiment will make you feel like you have Charlotte by your side!

6. mindbodygreen

When we're focused on a specific goal or aspect of our health and fitness journey, we often find ourselves with a case of tunnel vision and let other components of our health fall to the wayside. This blog is just the cure for our one-track minds: mindbodygreen is a genuinely comprehensive resource that advocates holistic wellness, including emotional and spiritual health along with physical health.

7. Fitting It All In

Clare, the author behind Fitting It All In, started her blog amid feelings of isolation and confusion shortly after recovering from an eating disorder. Through the blog, she was able to share her story and provide support to others struggling with mental and physical health issues. Years later, she's a fourth-year medical student with minimal free time— her blog is packed with tips and advice for squeezing health and fitness into our whirlwind lifestyles while staying healthy mentally, too.

8. Avocadu

Staffed by two self-proclaimed "healthy nut jobs" who met on a Tinder date and connected over their shared passion for healthy living, this blog is dedicated to helping educate readers on how to lose weight in a safe, healthy way. If you're looking for recipes, have questions about supplements, or simply don't know how to begin working toward your weight loss goal, Avocadu is the place for you.

9. Yoga with Adriene

Whether you're just getting started as a yogi or you've been procuring its benefits for years, Yoga with Adriene is a wonderful resource aimed at aiding readers in getting the most out of their practice. The blog includes a wealth of free yoga workouts with a countless variety of objectives, from stress relief and recovery stretching to torching calories and burning fat.

10. Mentality WOD

Learning how to deal with stress and pressure are integral to progressing toward a healthier overall self. Mentality WOD is dedicated to helping you improve not only your CrossFit performance but also your success in your daily life outside of the gym. If you feel like you've hit a plateau in your fitness progress, mental training may be the piece you need to reach that next level. 

11. Summer Tomato

We've all heard or read that "abs are made in the kitchen" or that it's impossible to out-exercise a poor diet. Summer Tomato is targeted toward advice and suggestions for reshaping your eating habits in ways that will help you reach your goals in the gym more efficiently. The relaxed and personal tone of the content is a bonus!

12. Fitness In The City

Healthy living in an urban environment comes with its own set of unique challenges. Fitness In The City is targeted at working professionals in urban settings seeking an escape through their diet and fitness pursuits. The recipe and fitness resources are fantastic, but the gorgeous food photography alone will have you hooked!

13. Running Off The Reese's

Cely, the voice behind Running Off The Reese's, is a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast but also enjoys peppering indulgences throughout her daily life. If this sounds like you, you'll identify with her down-to-earth posts detailing her experiences with everyday healthy living.

14. Life by DailyBurn

Sometimes the prospect of learning and making changes to our lifestyle can seem like a monumental task. This blog by DailyBurn is a great way to get started, one small piece at a time, instead of feeling overwhelmed. It features on anything and everything health and fitness related, from recipes to sleep tips to product reviews.

15. Breaking Muscle

Whether you're a diehard cardio lover, a yogi, a competitive bodybuilder, or anything in between, this blog has insightful and useful content that will help you reach new heights in your workouts. The step-by-step guides explaining how to perform tons of different exercises and drills properly are especially valuable: they're written by experienced professional coaches and personal trainers, unlike the workout and exercise guides you'll find on many other similar sites.

16. Chocolate Covered Katie

Being healthy certainly doesn't have to mean there's no place for desserts in your diet, it just requires a bit more creativity. Chocolate Covered Katie is all about providing innovative recipes and ideas for enjoying decadent treats that will blend seamlessly with your healthy lifestyle instead of derailing it.

17. Eleat Sports Nutrition

Looking for information on a new diet you heard about for beginner athletes? Looking for nutrition tips tailored especially for elite athletes? Angie, the dietitian behind Eleat Sports Nutrition, serves up recipes, tips, and articles on her blog that should be mandatory reading for athletes of any skill level or background.

18. The Balanced Life

Robin Long is a mother to four children and a fitness instructor, so she is intimately familiar with the struggles women face trying to find the time to work out somewhere in their hectic schedules. Her blog is full of free barre and Pilates workouts, lifestyle tips, and nourishing recipes striving to make health and fitness goals more attainable for busy women.

19. Possibility of Change

Making changes to our health and fitness routines can feel like an uphill battle, and turning changes into permanent habits can be even tougher. This blog focuses on providing advice and tips for doing just that, along with inspirational success stories to keep you motivated toward reaching your goals.

20. Well+Good

The health and fitness industry is continually evolving, and if you love to stay on top of the latest fitness trends and healthy living tips, Well+Good is the blog for you. Articles feature the newest developments in all facets of wellness, ranging from sustainable travel tips to natural energy supplements.